With 5 million units of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain shipped worldwide since its Sept. 1 release, there is no denying that the franchise is a favorite among gamers.

And even though we can't take our hands off the latest title, the previous games in the franchise all have stand-out moments in their own right. If we are talking about locations, the heliport is arguably one of most iconic places in the video game.

In MGS4, the heliport is featured in a dream sequence, but hardcore fans know that it was first introduced in the original Metal Gear Solid, being one of the first areas Snake entered on Shadow Moses Island.

So when a group of four students enrolled in the 3D animation and Computer Generated Images program at a Montreal college were asked to recreate a level from a famous video game, they decided to highlight the heliport—and the result is phenomenal.

Using Unreal Engine 4, the four students at Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne were able to flawlessly recreate the scene in MGS4. The cinematic clip reveals crystal-clear graphics done with attention to every last detail, including the individual snow flurries that are falling. The project is more than just a school assignment, it's fan art at its finest.

All four students are credited for the texturing work, with Ludovic Plouffe and Sébastien Baby responsible for the modeling, Frédéric Lemieux for the artistic direction and lighting, and Alex Berthelot for the technical direction.

Check out the heliport recreating in Unreal Engine 4 in the clip below.

Source: Kotaku

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