Hideo Kojima's stealth saga began way back in 1987 with the release of Metal Gear for the MSX. Since then, the franchise has evolved leaps and bounds, with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain serving as what will very likely be the franchise's grand finale.

Now one fan is looking to take the gameplay of the later Metal Gear games and bring it to the original Metal Gear, completely recreated with the power of Unreal Engine 4. The project is called Outer Heaven, and so far so good. Creator Boker posted some new images of the recreation in the new game engine and it looks stunning to say the least.

For those who have played or watched footage of the original Metal Gear, you'll likely recognize the room of tanks below. It's from the opening moments of the game, when rookie FOXHOUND agent Solid Snake must infiltrate the terrorist organization known as Outer Heaven.

It looks like Boker has a long way to go before having the entire game recreated and playable — but there is definitely demand for a remake of the older entries in the franchise. Metal Gear Solid V fills in some of the gaps that have been missing in the franchise's timeline, with the original Metal Gear being the next game in sequence. That means fans who started with Metal Gear Solid V still want to continue the story. Considering how few people have actually played the original Metal Gear, a remake makes perfect sense.

Not that publisher Konami will deliver on that idea. Konami has stated that they are getting out of the traditional video game business to focus more on mobile gaming and gambling machines, so don't expect any official Metal Gear remakes anytime soon. With that in mind, Boker's fan project is even more exciting to see.

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