The Microsoft Surface Book sold out at the Microsoft Store soon after its introduction, and all models are currently still out of stock at the store. Here's an update on the availability and wait times for all models and configurations of the device.

Recently, Microsoft released its new Surface Book alongside the Surface Pro 4. The hybrid laptop/tablet impressed critics and soon won over many fans that clamored for the device, resulting in it selling out on the Microsoft Store soon after it officially went on sale.

With the holiday season now kicking into gear, Microsoft is faced with a problem — the company doesn't have the supply to keep up with the demand.

The top-of-the-line $3,199 Surface Book with 1 TB of storage space and powerful i7 processor was the first model to sell out and is still the most in-demand. The Microsoft Store is showing the shipping date for an order placed now to be months away — Jan. 22, to be exact.

Those willing to compromise on storage space can get their hands on a Surface Book a lot sooner. The 512 GB i7 version is showing a Dec. 4 shipping date. That model also costs $500 less than its 1 TB counterpart. The same Dec. 4 shipping date applies to the 128 GB and 256 GB i5 models. The i5 model with 256 GB of storage space with the secondary GPU, which is standard on the higher end models has a longer wait time, with a shipping date of Dec. 18.

Over at Amazon, one model is actually in stock at the suggested retail price. The 256 GB i5 model with the secondary GPU is shipping now at $1,899. Other models are available via Amazon too, but from secondary sellers at a premium averaging about $200 above retail, depending on the model. The 1 TB version is nowhere to be found, however, at any price.

Best Buy also doesn't even have the 1 TB version listed on its website, but there's much better news for those seeking the other four configurations of the Surface Book. All four models are available right now at Best Buy, with a promised receipt date of Nov. 20.  It looks like Best Buy is the go-to spot right now if you're looking for any model of the Surface Book other than the highest end 1 TB version. In that case, you'll most likely have to wait until 2016 to get your hands on the model you desire.

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