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Microsoft Surface Book 2 Unveiled: What Changed From The Original Surface Book?

Microsoft unveiled the long-rumored Surface Book 2, which is a considerable upgrade compared to the original Surface Book. Changes include faster processors and graphic cards, an improved design, and an additional size option.

Microsoft October 17, 2017

Microsoft Surface Device Return Rates Revealed In Leaked Memo: How Will Microsoft Bounce Back From Consumer Reports Recommendation Withdrawal?

A leaked internal memo revealed the return rates for five Microsoft Surface devices, with the Surface Book as the worst offender. How will Microsoft bounce back from the withdrawal of Consumer Reports' recommendation?

Microsoft August 15, 2017

Microsoft Blamed Intel For Surface Reliability Issues, But The Real Problem Lies Within

Microsoft blamed Intel for the reliability issues on its Surface devices that caused the withdrawal of Consumer Reports' recommendation. However, the real problem could very well be within the company itself.

Computers August 13, 2017

Consumer Reports Withdraws Microsoft Surface Recommendation: 25 Percent Of Owners Will Experience Problems Two Years After Purchase

Consumer Reports withdrew its recommendation for several Microsoft Surface devices, namely the 128 GB and 512 GB Surface Book and the 128 GB and 256 GB Surface Laptop. Should owners of these laptop and tablets panic?

Microsoft August 11, 2017

Microsoft Confirms Rumors Of Layoffs As It Prepares To Cut As Many As 3,000 Jobs

Microsoft has confirmed that it will begin layoffs as it shifts focus toward its cloud division. It is estimated that as many as 3,000 jobs could be lost due to this shift.

Microsoft July 6, 2017

$300 Surface Pro Competitor Makes Waves On Crowdfunding Site

The newest Surface Pro isn't even out yet, but Microsoft already has some competition. The SurBook isn't quite as powerful, but it's much cheaper.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 25, 2017

Surface Book And Other Windows 10 S Devices Will Not Run Linux Apps

Microsoft has some bad news for fans of Linux. The company clarified that Windows 10 S, which powers the Surface Book, will not run Linux distributions.

Computers May 20, 2017

Is Microsoft's Surface Book 2 Really Just A 'Regular' Laptop? [Analysis]

Rumors of the major Surface Book 2 redesign recently made rounds on the internet. Microsoft's decision for the new device could be anything but a 'downgrade.'

Feature | Tech March 19, 2017

Microsoft Silently Releases Surface Book With Intel Core i7 Processor, 16GB RAM

Microsoft has unveiled a new variant of the Surface Book laptop without much fanfare. The company has added various high end specs to the device like Intel Core i7 Processor, 16 GB RAM and 1 TB external storage.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 8, 2017

Microsoft Surface Book Gets Price Increase In The UK Post Brexit: All Models Now More Expensive

Microsoft has significantly increased Surface Book prices across the board in the UK as a result of the Brexit currency swings. The cheapest Surface Book model now costs £1,449 ($1,800), while the most expensive one tops out at £3,049 ($3,800).

Microsoft February 15, 2017

Surface Book Priced Reduced By $250, Is Microsoft Preparing For Surface Book 2 Launch?

Surface Book is available at huge discounts of $250. Could be a sign that Microsoft is gearing up to unveil the highly anticipated Surface Book 2?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 8, 2017

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Rumors: Kaby Lake Processor, 4K Display, And More

Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to introduce the next iteration of the Surface Book laptop dubbed Surface Book 2. The Surface Book 2 will allegedly sport a 4K display and release in March.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 25, 2017

Ditching Your MacBook For Surface Book? Here's What One Apple Fan Advises

A loyal fan of Apple products shares his experience in attempting to switch to the Microsoft Surface Book. He advises others to think hard before making the switch.

Computers January 15, 2017

Samsung Chromebook Pro / Plus Go Head To Head With Microsoft Surface Book / Surface Pro

Samsung has finally unveiled the Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus at CES 2017. See how these two hybrid laptops fare against Microsoft’s Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

Feature | Tech January 5, 2017

Microsoft Unleashes After-Holiday Discounts: Save Up To $400 On Surface Pro 4, Surface Book

Microsoft may be clearing the way for its upcoming Surface Pro 5. The current-gen Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book have received after-holiday discounts of up to $400.

Computers December 27, 2016

New MacBook Pro Alternatives: Your Options When The Apple Laptop Just Doesn't Cut It For You

Apple’s new MacBook Pro upgrade might be outselling its rivals but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best laptop out there. Here are a few alternatives to consider.

Computers November 28, 2016

Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro 2016: Can The Updated Microsoft Laptop Give The New MacBook A Run For Its Money?

Microsoft launched the Surface Book i7 a day before Apple unveiled the MacBook Pro 2016 lineup. With specs for both laptops closely similar to one another, which laptop is the better option?

Apple November 14, 2016

Surface Book i7 (2016) Review Roundup: What Technophiles Are Saying About Microsoft's 2-In-1 Powerhouse

The new Microsoft Surface Book has now started to collect its share of reviews. In unanimous regard, the Surface Book is poised as an impressive and powerful device with a stellar battery life, but is it too expensive?

Computers November 11, 2016

Costco Black Friday 2016 Deals Leak: Surface Book Discount, PS4 And Xbox One Bundles Sale

Costco's Black Friday 2016 deals are making their way to the public, and according to the leaked sale ad, there are discounts for the Surface Book and PS4 and Xbox One bundles.

Gadgets November 9, 2016

Best 2-In-1 Laptops 2016: Microsoft Surface Book vs. Lenovo Yoga 910 vs. HP Spectre X360 15t

When it comes down to computers with Windows 10, 2-in-1 laptops are all the rave. They have taken the market by storm due to the success of the Surface products, and now we have the option of picking between the many good ones.

Computers October 31, 2016

Microsoft Will Give You $650 To Drop Your MacBook For A Surface Pro 4 Or Surface Book

Microsoft has launched a new limited period 'trade up' promotion where consumers can trade in their MacBook for a Surface Book or Surface Pro 4. Microsoft will offer up to $650 in credit for those trading in their MacBook.

Microsoft October 29, 2016

Microsoft Surface Book Bundle Price Cut: You Can Save As Much As $260

Microsoft announced that it is offering a $260 discount on its Surface Book 2-in-1 bundle, but it is a limited-time offer. Customers who avail of it will get additional perks, such as an extended guarantee and an Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft October 22, 2016

Microsoft Teaser On Instagram Hints At New Surface Book 2 Hinge System

Microsoft is cruising at full speed to release a slew of new devices, and the Surface Book 2 may be one of them. A recent Instagram leak from the official Surface account shows some significant design improvements to look forward to.

Microsoft August 29, 2016

Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge: Which Browser Is Best For Windows 10 Battery Life?

Microsoft found that its Edge browser was the most energy- and power-efficient in a series of tests on a Surface Book compared with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

Computers June 20, 2016

Microsoft Surface Membership Makes Devices Available With Monthly Installments For Small Businesses: Here's The Deal

Microsoft wants to expand its presence in the enterprise sector, and small businesses are next on its list. The company rolled out a Surface Membership Plan that allows tiny ventures to get monthly installment plans for the tablet PCs.

Microsoft June 8, 2016

Best Buy Memorial Day Tablet Sale: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book At $150 Off

The Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are $150 off right now at Best Buy. Check out the deals on the tablet and 2-in-1, along with a recap of what specs and features they have to offer.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 30, 2016

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Now Tipped For 2017, 4K Display And Kaby Lake Processors Expected

Microsoft’s Surface Book was a hit, and the company is pedaling hard to bring the second variant. Surface Book 2 should land in 2017, with beefy visuals, impressive processing power and more.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 23, 2016

Four-Way Ultrabook Battle: Dell XPS 13 vs. Microsoft Surface Book vs. Asus Zenbook UX305 vs. Lenovo Yoga 900

Dell, Asus, Lenovo and Microsoft all have Ultrabooks on offer. Here is a quick comparison of Dell XPS 13, Microsoft Surface Book, Asus Zenbook UX305 and Lenovo Yoga 900.

Computers March 12, 2016

Microsoft Surface Book Now Available In UK, Germany, Switzerland, France And Austria: Where To Buy

Microsoft's Surface Book finally hit several major retailers in Europe. Customers from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria can now purchase the device at varying prices, depending on their preferred specifications.

Computers February 18, 2016

Microsoft Denies Surface Tablet Failure On Patriots' Sideline During AFC Title Game

The company's corporate vice president of Windows and devices group claims Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver had a network issue Sunday, but that the Surface Pro 3s were fine and have never had a single failure in two years in the NFL.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 26, 2016

Microsoft Introduces Surface Book And Surface Pro 4 With 1TB Of Storage And Special Gold Pen

The new Surface Book will set you back $3,200 fully-loaded, though.

Computers January 22, 2016

Users Report Surface Book Issues: Battery Drains, Sleep Mode Problems, Freezing Keyboard And More

A number of users took to the Microsoft Community forum to report the issues they encountered with their Microsoft Surface Books. Here is a list of some of the issues you might also be experiencing.

Computers December 30, 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro, Surface Book Can't Connect To The Internet? Here's How To Fix That

Microsoft has released a list of solutions that users of Surface Pro and Surface Book devices can try, to fix connection issues to Wi-Fi networks. The solutions include updates to the Surface devices, adjusting certain settings, and several more.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 29, 2015

Microsoft Surface Book And Surface Pro 4 Shipments Delayed Due To Intel Skylake Processor Shortage

Shipments of the Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 have been delayed due to an Intel Skylake processor shortage. As a result, the company will see robust sales of the devices in Q1 of 2016.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 11, 2015

Microsoft Surface Overtakes Apple’s iPad As Top-Selling Tablet Online

Microsoft beat Apple in terms of online tablet sales, according to a report. The Redmond-based tech giant managed to nab a considerable chunk of the tablet market share in October 2015.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 9, 2015

Microsoft Working On Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 'Sleep' Issue, Fix Coming Next Year

Microsoft recently addressed the Sleep issue that causes Surface Pro 4s and Surface Books to quickly run out of battery. The company shared workarounds for the problem and explained that an official fix is coming, but not very soon.

Computers December 8, 2015

Samsung And Amazon Slash Price Of 18.4-Inch Galaxy View Tablet

Samsung has given its new 18.4-inch Galaxy View tablet a price cut. The jumbo tablet is available for $499, $100-off of its original price.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 24, 2015

Tim Cook Says There Will Be No MacBook-iPad Hybrid In The Future

Apple CEO Tim Cook has dashed hopes of seeing a merged iPad and MacBook. He also said the iPad Pro will kill the PC but not the Mac.

Computers November 16, 2015

Microsoft Surface Book Availability And Wait Time Update At Microsoft Store, Best Buy And Amazon

Some models of Microsoft’s new Surface Book sold out immediately. Here’s an update on the availability and wait times for all models.

Computers November 15, 2015

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Book vs. Apple MacBook Pro: Premium Laptops Specs Showdown

Samsung is clearly taking on the Surface Book and the MacBook Pro with its newly unveiled ATIV Book 9 Pro. While previous ATIV laptops were designed as portable machines with midrange specs, the new ATIV is clearly a heavyweight looking to challenge a champion.

Computers November 5, 2015

Surface Book iFixit Teardown Shows Microsoft’s Next Big Thing Is Practically Unrepairable

A step-by-step teardown of the Microsoft Surface Book shows how repairing it could be next to impossible. With its fused peripherals and glued components, the Surface Book was given a repairability score of 1 out of 10.

Computers November 5, 2015

Microsoft Rolls Out Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book Firmware Update With Fix For Screen Flickering And Other Issues

Microsoft released a firmware update to address a number of issues found in the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices. The most notable among them was the screen flickering issue which a number of users have taken note of in social media.

Apps/Software November 3, 2015

Surface Book Early Adopters Complain Of Software Bugs And Hardware Issues: Lagging, Freezing, Blackouts, Scratches And More

Early adopters of Microsoft's very first laptop, the Surface Book, are complaining of several software bugs as well as hardware problems. A spokesperson from Microsoft confirmed it is mindful of the problems.

Computers October 30, 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book Launch Today, But Some High-End Versions Not Available: Here’s Where To Buy

Microsoft finally began selling its hottest new devices on Oct. 26, but not all customers are happy seeing the high-end versions not yet available. If you’re looking to buy for yourself a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book this week, here’s where you can get one.

October 27, 2015

Microsoft's Surface Book And Surface Pro 4 Are Now Available In The US And Canada

Unveiled at the Oct. 6 Windows 10 event, Microsoft's new laptop and tablet, the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 are now available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada.

Computers October 26, 2015

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