Climate change is a well-known issue that is plaguing the earth, but could it also have an effect on our health? It appears so, according to some researchers. Apparently, whenever the earth is very hot, which is due to the changing of the climate, more people report to their doctors with kidney stone.

Researchers came up with the conclusion after over 60,000 people in several cities across the United States, contracted the kidney stone illness. Further investigation showed that the majority of the infected live in varied climate conditions.

"We found that as daily temperatures rise, there is a rapid increase in the probability of patients presenting over the next 20 days with kidney stones," Gregory E. Tasian, M.D., says in a statement.

We understand that Dr. Tasian, a pediatric, urologist and epidemiologist at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for the Kidney Stone Center and Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness in CHOP, is the man who spearheaded the study.

As temperatures rose above 50 F (10 C) in several states apart from Los Angeles, the risk of someone coming to the doctor with kidney stone increases. It doesn't take long for someone to drop in the kidney stone bracket after temperature increases in some states. So those who are exposed to a high level of heat on any given day could find themselves with the kidney stone problem by the next week.

"These findings point to potential public health effects associated with global climate change," said Tasian.

What is the cause of kidney stones?

As per Tasian, this is caused by a high concentration of calcium and other minerals in the body. These minerals travel in the urine, and promote the growth of the issue that is kidney stone. The big question, however, is what causes the high concentration of calcium and other minerals? Well, it has a lot do with heat, and that it contributes a lot to dehydration, which is the key behind high levels of calcium.

Kidney stone is a painful condition that is sometimes treated with surgery. In some instances, the problem could cause loss of life.

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