A stranger on Facebook gifts her kidney to a two-year-old girl, who was on a dialysis machine just weeks after she was born.

Arianna Moore of Pine City was lucky enough to get the rare and generous gift from Christy Harding, of Jacksonville, Florida, who is a complete stranger to Arianna and her family, and lives miles away from where the ailing two-year-old lives.

Arianna is being diagnosed with Diffuse Mesangial Sclerosis, a rare genetic disorder, ever since she was born. In a plea to save her daughter's life Ashley Booth, Arianna's mother, took the help of social media and set up an ALL4MOORE Facebook page. Ashley regularly updated the Facebook page so that she can successfully find a donor for Arianna; however, she said that she did not have any faith that she will find a donor from Facebook.

On April 23, Ashley updated the Facebook page saying that a donor is willing to donate a kidney to Arianna.

"Prayer Warriors, all your hard work helping share Ariannas page and sending prayers worked. At 4pm, we got a call that a donor has been approved. Our lil Kidney princess is getting another chance at life on May 7th. We do not know who her donor is and won't unless the reach out. It's so overwhelming that a selfless stranger is giving a piece of them to save our baby girl. We hope we get to meet our selfless donor one day but feel so blessed that she came across Ariannas page. The Lord has answered all of our prayers. Thank you all for your continued prayers. Right now, we need prayers that Arianna stays healthy and nothing keeps her from this kidney," reads the ALL4MOORE Facebook page.

Harding, who herself is a mother of a two-year old, bumped into the Facebook page and moved with Arianna's condition. Harding then took the decision to help Arianna.

Technology has played an important part in bringing people closer. With the help of the Internet, friends and family are able to keep in touch even while staying at a great distance. People use the Internet for various infotainment purposes; however, Arianna's story is one of a kind and quite touching, which undoubtedly reflects the power and usefulness of the Internet.

Hopefully, with the increased usage of the Internet globally, more people like Arianna are advantaged. Arianna's kidney transplant surgery is scheduled for May 7 this year.

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