Google X director, Glass champion Babak Parviz heads to Amazon


Babak Parviz, Google[x] director, is well-known for his work on Google Glass and other breakthroughs that could potentially change everyday life. Moving to Amazon was a surprise, but not completely.

Google Glass has indeed commanded attention when it was announced but it hasn't picked up since, a fact that doesn't seem to trouble Google in the least bit. Maybe there was just truth in what Babak Parviz said at the Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco, that the Glass was not the definitive answer to the future of computing. A Glass on every head is still very much possible but Parviz doesn't see it happening in at least 15 years. The conference was just last week and a week later here is Parviz parting with Google to be with Amazon.

The ex-Google[x] director made the announcement in a vague post in Google+. His post reads: "status: super excited! :)," accompanied by a picture of the Amazon logo. This could mean anything, but dig through his account and his "About" section offers something more definitive.

"Having worked at companies ranging from tiny start-ups to huge corporations and universities in Europe and the US, I have found each one to be fun in its own unique way. I founded and led a few efforts at Google (among them, Google Glass and Google Contact Lenses are public so far :) prior to moving to Amazon and work on a few other things now," writes Parviz.

Amazon hasn't made any comments about what Parviz will be doing for the company but many speculate that this could be the beginning of the company's venture into wearable technology. So far, all Amazon has done is to create dedicated stores for wearables through its U.S. and UK sites. Does the addition of Parviz mean the company is at least considering its own brand of wearable technology? Or will the Google[x] director handle a different set of responsibilities in Amazon?

Just two months ago, Google welcomed Ivy Ross, former Gap and Old Navy marketing VP, who joined the team to take over developing Glass. Before Parviz, Glass lead engineer Adrian Wong also left to join Facebook's Oculus Rift team. Is there a trend here? Or is this just things falling into place? What cannot be argued is that a team-up involving Amazon and Parviz is definitely worth watching out for.

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