After what seems like forever, the Apple Watch is finally available in India. The iPhone maker has launched three variants of the device, all with different prices.

There are only two display sizes available, the 38mm and 42mm, and 40 combinations, so consumers will have a ton of options to choose from. The device comes loaded with watchOS 2 and boasts over 1,300 native applications.

The Apple Watch starting price for the White Sports Band and Silver Aluminum Case is Rs 30,900 (about $470), and that is for the 38mm variant. When it comes down to the 42mm options, they will cost consumers Rs 34,900 (about $530), making them the less expensive versions of the Apple Watch.

For those who might want to grab the 38mm or 42mm Steel Case version with White Sports Band, the price goes up to Rs 48,900 (about $743) and Rs 52,900 (about $804), respectively.

But it doesn't end there - the price moves up to Rs 60,900 for the Classic Buckle version, and a whopping INR 95,900 (about $1,457) for the version with the stainless steel Link Bracelet. However, the most expensive versions of this device are the ones with gold coating.

The Apple Watch encased in 18-Carat Rose Gold will cost Rs 8.2 lakh (about $12,465), and that is just for the 38mm model that comes with the most inexpensive White Sports Band. The 42mm model brings the price up to Rs 9.9 lakh (about $15,045), which is quite expensive.

Still, Apple could trump those prices should the company release Apple Watch Hermes designer versions in India. The device would cost Rs 14.2 lakh (about $21,585), but that alone might keep it out of the country for quite some time.

Those who are looking to pick up the Apple Watch can do so by locating one of the more than 100 partner stores across India. The device is probably the best smartwatch available on the market right now, and it has helped Apple keep its earnings on the upside after analysts believed it would track lower.

Photo: Jon Fingas | Flickr

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