HTC One A9 Orders In The US Delayed, Drops Support For Verizon Indefinitely


If bad press is better than no press then HTC does it best. Making headlines recently for its One A9 iPhone clone, HTC has more bad news for its customers.
The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer is delaying the North American release of the HTC One A9 and it looks like the handset may never even make it to Verizon.

By now, HTC should have already started shipping out units of the One A9. Unfortunately, according to the product page on the company's website and in an email to customers who preordered the device, the company's flagship handset won't start shipping until Nov. 10.

Depending on what variant of the One A9 was ordered, HTC is sending out emails informing its customers that their phones "will begin shipping on 11/10/2015 based on shipping method" but that's only for unlocked gray and silver units.

The fine print on the One A9's webpage reveals even more and it doesn't get any better, most especially for Sprint and Verizon subscribers.

Gray and silver units under Sprint will begin shipping in late November around the same time gold units start going out to T-Mobile and AT&T customers. Sprint subscribers will have to wait until mid-December to receive their gold One A9s. Those who ordered the red variant of the phone will be waiting the longest — the expected shipping date for red One A9's is early December for T-Mobile and AT&T and mid-December for Sprint.

On Verizon, the unit probably won't even be available on the network.

"Verizon compatibility on the HTC One A9 won't be available in December as originally expected. We are working with Verizon to make it available as soon as possible. If you want to change your order, please contact HTC customer support," the company reveals.

As compensation, HTC is offering a discount on One A9 accessories.

"To make up for it, HTC would like to give you 25% off of accessories to protect and personalize your new phone," the company says in the email.

That would make the HTC Dot View Ice case just $37.49 instead of $49.99 or the HTC Pro Studio Headphones $59.99 instead $79.99, for example. Not a bad deal.

It's just bad press that HTC is getting whether it's by their own making or not. In a world where the iPhone 6 doesn't exist, the One A9 still is a well-made phone with competitive specs. It's just, well, the iPhone 6 does exist. If HTC hopes to get out of its rut, it needs to start making innovative phones again and it should at least deliver them on time.

Photo: Maurizio Pesce | Flickr

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