The Secret app, which allows users to share content with other people anonymously, is adding a feature that allows users to log in using their Facebook credentials.

The app has been a subject of criticism as it allows the propagation of inappropriate and controversial material. However, its popularity continues to grow as it attracts more users and investments.

Chrys Bader-Wechseler and David Byttow, the co-founders of Secret and both former Google employees, recently revealed that the startup company has received another $25 million in funding, bringing the total amount raised to $36 million. With the latest round of fundraising, the company is now valued at more than $100 million.

The investments are pouring in for the Secret app, with the update to include Facebook log-in credentials also coming with a daily digest named "Secret Collections." The feature gives users the option to subscribe to certain Collections, with the users receiving new content from the digests into their Explore stream. 

Adding Facebook log-in capabilities to Secret was the most requested feature for the app, which the company said it will implement in both iOS and Android versions.

"Our community members want more friend content in their stream, beyond simply the contacts from their phone. Facebook Login gives any user the option to (completely anonymously) connect Secret to Facebook and populate your stream with Facebook friends," wrote The Secret Team in a post.

Secret users were formerly only able to add contacts to the app from the contents of the phonebook, which expanded the network to include friends of friends. Logging in with Facebook will populate the user's network with posts of their Facebook friends, but without spoiling their identities.

"Yes it's anonymous, we don't even store your public name," The Secret Team explains.

In addition, posts made on Secret will only remain within the app's network. The posts will not be shared on Facebook.

The Secret Team adds that the two new features signify only the beginning of the company's plans for the app. The team said that the first half year of the app allowed them to learn and perfect Secret, with the rest of the first year to be devoted to increasing the popularity of Secret in more interesting methods.

Other apps that allow users to share information and content anonymously are its major competitor, Whisper and Yik Yak, a location-based app for anonymous gossip.

Index Ventures, one of the contributors to the company's recent funding round, will have its Danny Rimer added to Secret's Board of Directors.

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