Oracle's new Big Data SQL will allow businesses to run a single SQL query across Hadoop, NoSQL, and Oracle Database. The program seeks to reduce the need for moving data between systems.

Big Data SQL runs on Oracle Big Data Appliance, which includes Hadoop and NoSQL database software. By enabling queries to search all connected databases, Big Data SQL can reduce or even eliminate the need to move data around during normal operations. Moving data is extremely time-consuming, and can tie up resources for extended periods. Big Data SQL instead takes advantage of the SQL knowledge already posessed by many tech employees to make accessing and analyzing data more efficient.

"To maximize the value from information and deliver on the promise of big data, companies need to evolve their data management architecture into a big data management system that seamlessly integrates all types of data from a variety of sources," Oracle says in a statement. "Oracle Big Data SQL enables customers to gain a competitive advantage by making it easier to uncover insights faster, while protecting data security and enforcing governance."

There are some obstacles for companies that want to use Big Data SQL. According to Vice President Neil Mendelson, the program will require Oracle Database and Oracle Exadata to run, and will only work with version 12c of Oracle Database. Version 12c was released in 2013, and has not yet seen widespread adoption. Most companies are still using version 11g, with some running even earlier versions. However, if Big Data SQL proves to be something businesses want to have access to, it could increase distribution of the new version on its own, which would be doubly beenficial for Oracle.

One of the more attractive features of the software is the ability to extend the security options provided by Oracle Database to Hadoop and NoSQL. Big Data SQL uses its ability to access and modify data across platforms to add the same security features present on data within Oracle's database to that stored in other locations.

Future Oracle hardware will include support for Big Data SQl by default. No release date for the software has been announced, with Oracle saying only that it will be available in the third quarter of 2014. Pricing will be announced closer to the product release.

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