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Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene To Be Replaced By Former Oracle Exec Thomas Kurian

Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene to be replaced by former Oracle exec Thomas Kurian.

Business Tech November 17, 2018

Oracle-Google Lawsuit Continues: Oracle's Appeal Starts New Battle In Massive Copyright Infringement War

Oracle is waging a new battle in its legal war against Google over the use of some Java APIs in Android. Back in May, a jury unanimously sided with Google, but Oracle has now filed an appeal.

Business Tech February 11, 2017

Oracle Announces Acquisition Of DNS Provider Dyn, Which Recently Suffered A Massive DDoS Attack

Oracle officially announced that it has acquired DNS provider Dyn, which made waves last month when DDoS attacks crippled a number of large websites such as Twitter, PayPal, Netflix, Reddit and more. The two companies will continue to operate independently until the transaction closes.

Business Tech November 22, 2016

Oracle's Latest Acquisition Is Palerra: Cloud Security Getting Beefed Up

Oracle's recent Palerra acquisition is part of a move to strengthen the company's cloud services. The acquisition announcement coincided with the Oracle OpenWorld event happening this week in San Francisco.

Apps/Software September 19, 2016

OpenOffice Will Shut Down If Volunteer Developers Don't Support It Soon

Apache OpenOffice project's retirement is a serious possibility according to OpenOffice VP Dennis Hamilton. The lack of volunteer developers is cited as a major cause.

Apps/Software September 5, 2016

Oracle Confirms Data Breach Involving MICROS Point-Of-Sale Systems

Oracle acknowledged a data breach in its retail unit. This confirms that hundred and thousands of cash registers using the MICROS point-of-sale system have been affected and could be vulnerable.

Security August 10, 2016

Google Asks Court To Sanction Oracle Lawyer For Disclosing Its Secret $1B Deal With Apple

Google renewed its court request to sanction the Oracle attorney who disclosed the confidential $1 billion search deal it had with Apple. The request argues that the reveal harmed both Google and Apple and that the lawyer violated court rules on secrecy.

Business Tech July 7, 2016

Oracle To Pay HP Enterprise $3 Billion In Damages After Losing Itanium Lawsuit

Oracle must shell out $3 billion to Hewlett Packard Enterprise after a jury ruled against it in a trial that was on the table for five years. The two companies locked horns over Intel’s Itanium chipset.

Business Tech July 1, 2016

Google Wins Case Against Oracle Over Java Use In Android: Why This Is Important For Everyone

The court has ruled that Google does not infringe on Oracle's copyrights for using Java APIs in the development of Android. This is important news not just for developers, but also for consumers.

Business Tech May 27, 2016

Google And Oracle Heading To Trial Over Android Java Copyright Infringement

Google will face Oracle in court again over the Java copyright infringement accusations. The ongoing lawsuit stands before Judge William Alsup again, and the impact of the ruling could be significant for all developers that rely on APIs.

Business Tech May 8, 2016

Oracle To Snag Cloud Service Provider Opower For $532 Million

Oracle's cloud computing campaign continues with the planned acquisition of Opower for $532 million. Just a week earlier, Oracle announced that it was purchasing another cloud services company.

Business Tech May 3, 2016

Oracle And Google Still Locked In Android Lawsuit After Failing To Settle: Trial In May

Oracle and Google failed to settle a copyright lawsuit that started back in 2012. A trial has been scheduled for May to finally come up with a decision on whether or not Google owes Oracle $8.8 billion worth of profits, plus damages worth $475 million.

Legal April 16, 2016

Oracle Believes Google Needs To Pay $9.3 Billion In Damages Over Software Copyrights

Oracle wants $8.8 billion from Google as the two sides prepare for another round in court. Oracle attributes the amount in profits to Google's use of Java for Android.

Legal March 29, 2016

Why You Won't Be Seeing Jena Malone In The Theatrical Release Of 'Batman v Superman'

Although her role in 'Batman v Superman' has been confirmed, Jena Malone will be noticably absent from the movie on March 25. But not to worry, Malone as Barbara Gordon will still be featured in the direct-to-home R-rated 'ultimate edition' of the movie.

Movies/TV Shows March 11, 2016

Oracle Finally Killing Java Browser Plugin: About Time!

Oracle decided to kill off the Java browser plugin at long last. After acquiring Java in 2010, the company said that the plugin will be deprecated with the release of JDK 9.

Internet January 28, 2016

Google Paid Apple $1B To Remain iPhone's Default Search Engine

Google reportedly paid Apple $1 billion in 2014 to remain in iOS's search bar, according to court documents in the lawsuit between Oracle and Google.

Money January 22, 2016

Android Reportedly Raked In $22 Billion In Profit For Google, According To Oracle

Oracle revealed in court that Google was able to make $22 billion in profit through its Android operating system. The company is planning to use Google's revenue as basis for the amount of damages it will seek for the copyright infringement the Android maker allegedly made in using Oracle's Java software.

Business January 22, 2016

It’s Official: Android N Will Use OpenJDK, Not Oracle’s Java APIs

Google announced that it's going to use OpenJDK for Java APIs beginning in the next Android version, letting go of Oracle's proprietary JDK. It seems that the company has taken matters regarding the legal case with Oracle to its own hands.

Apps/Software December 31, 2015

Oracle Settles FTC Deception Charges Over Java SE Updates

Oracle reached an agreement with the FTC regarding deception charges over Java SE. The security flaw in Java SE left 850 million PCs exposed to security risks.

Legal December 23, 2015

Oracle Reports 12 Percent Drop In Profits For Second Fiscal Quarter

Software maker Oracle's net income has declined to $2.2 billion in the second fiscal quarter when compared to the same period in 2014. The company's profits also saw a drop of 12 percent.

Money December 18, 2015

Oracle Building State-Of-The-Art, Tuition-Free Public High School On Its High-Tech Campus

Oracle has big plans for education, aiming to complete a state-of-the-art high-school on its campus by 2017. The Design Tech High School will be tuition-free and arrive as the world's first educational institution located on a high-tech campus, bringing tremendous opportunities to students.

Society October 30, 2015

Amazon Takes A Jab At Oracle With Newly Beefed-Up Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services expressed its intent to get more businesses to use cloud-based solutions for database space. AWS plans to take a bigger bite off Oracle's existing client pool.

Business October 9, 2015

7 Little Known Facts About The 'Batman: Arkham' Games

Do you know why the Penguin of the 'Batman: Arkham' games has a British accent? Why Oracle is so good at what she does? How the Batcave beneath Arkham Asylum came about? We have those answers and more.

Geek September 22, 2015

Apple Spends $700,000 On Personal Security For Tim Cook Every Year

Apple spends almost $700,000 for the personal security of CEO Tim Cook, a figure which pales in comparison to what other technology companies spend to keep their chiefs safe.

Business August 10, 2015

Hacker Group Pawn Storm Uses Java Zero-Day Exploit To Spy On NATO Countries

The hacking group Pawn Storm, also known as APT28/Sednit, is deploying a Java-based zero-day exploit to target media and government organizations, as well as the military.

Society July 16, 2015

Supreme Court Denies Appeal Of Google On Oracle Software Copyright Lawsuit Against Android

The lawsuit by Oracle claims that the Android mobile operating system developed by Google, which is now the most popular in the world, is infringing on the Java software language of Oracle.

Legal June 30, 2015

Updating Java? Yahoo Is Courting You To Be Your Default Search Engine

If you don't pay attention the next time you update Java, you may end up with Yahoo as your default search engine. Yahoo just signed a three-year deal with Oracle.

Internet June 25, 2015

Microsoft Reportedly Evaluating Possible Bid

Bloomberg reported that Microsoft is evaluating a possible bid to acquire, which currently has a market value nearing $50 billion.

Business May 6, 2015

Apple, Facebook, Google, And Other Tech Titans Ask Supreme Court For Marriage Equality

More than 300 firms, from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, file an amicus brief stating the business case for allowing same-sex marriage.

Legal March 6, 2015

Oracle's New Enterprise Solutions Put Big Data Within Reach Of More Businesses

Oracle unveils new and updated products that will help enterprises make sense of the large pools of data in their grasp and put them to good use.

Business February 20, 2015

CEO Larry Ellison on New Oracle Hardware Strategy: 'The way to compete is to have the lowest price'

Increasing competition is forcing Oracle to shed off its brand image as a provider of expensive servers.

January 23, 2015

SAP, Oracle Shake Hands to Settle Copyright Lawsuit for $357 Million

SAP will be paying $357 million to Oracle to settle a long-running legal battle over software copyrights. The case dragged on for seven years because the two companies could not reach an agreement on how much in damages SAP should pay Oracle.

Legal November 14, 2014

Cloud Wars: Amazon's New Secret Weapon No Longer Secret -- Aurora

Amazon rolls out Aurora, a new relational database engine that touts better performance and cheaper pricing than Oracle.

Business November 14, 2014

Amazon Aurora Relational Database Takes Aim At Oracle, And Is Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

Amazon has announced a new enterprise-grade database engine to rival the likes of Oracle. The new product is designed to be fast, reliable and cheap at only 29 cents per hour.

Business Tech November 12, 2014

Google petitions to have Supreme Court rule on API copyright battle

Google and Oracle's feud could move into the Supreme Court and establish a new precedent on how computer code is protected. Oracle wants $1 billion for Google's use of Java APIs.

Legal October 9, 2014

MBIA hacked, server misconfiguration allowed illegal data access

Misconfigured Oracle server leaves hundreds of pages of account information accessible via a Google search. The United States' largest bond insurer says it's taking all necessary steps to secure the information one of its servers has been leaking.

Internet October 7, 2014

Oracle upgrades cloud platform, declares price war with Amazon

Cloud computing is an integral technology in many products and services used today. Oracle ramps up its offerings with an upgrade, promises to competitive pricing to benefit consumers.

Business September 29, 2014

Catz and Hurd are new Oracle co-CEOs but is there really a change in leadership?

Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison is stepping down as CEO, while Safra Catz and Mark Hurd are promoted as co-CEOs. However, the executives are saying that there will be no changes in roles and responsibilities.

Business September 22, 2014

Larry Ellison leaving top post at Oracle. Hurd and Catz to become co-CEOs

Larry Ellison is stepping down as Oracle's CEO after 37 years at the company's helm. He will be replaced by Safra Catz and Mark Hurd, the firm's co-presidents.

Business September 20, 2014

Larry Ellison Oracle CEO no more: Here's why he quit and what he will do now

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has stepped down from his position, but he is still in charge of pretty much everything in his own company.

Business September 19, 2014

Oracle founder CEO Larry Ellison steps down from the helm after nearly four decades

Oracle's founder steps down after 37 years of serving as the company's only CEO. The timing leaves analysts surprised, but his resignation doesn't.

Business September 18, 2014

Oracle snags media storage firm Front Porch Digital

The digital data management firm is "thrilled" to join hands with Oracle. The deal is expected to close in 2014 and benefit Oracle in expanding its technology tools reach.

Deals September 16, 2014

Oracle aims to close field service holes with TOA

Oracle picks up developer of field service software to compete in the hotly contested sector. TOA and its intelligent CRM software are now in Oracle's fold.

Deals July 31, 2014

Oracle is obviously more than just a bit hot for SQL, Big Data

Oracle is releasing Big Data SQL, a program which enables SQL queries to be run across multiple platforms. Big Data SQL works with Hadoop and NoSQL.

Apps/Software July 15, 2014

Oracle will buy Micros Systems for $5.3 billion

Oracle is nearing the acquisition of Micros Systems, a point-of-sale hardware and software creator. The acquisition will be Oracle's biggest since purchasing Sun Microsystems in 2010.

Deals June 23, 2014

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