SeaWorld announced on Monday, Nov. 9 that it will replace "Shamu," the killer whale show in its San Diego branch, giving way to new attractions that will showcase orcas in a more natural setting.

The decision to change things up a bit came years after the company has been showered with criticisms over the treatment of captive animals.

Joel Manby, the CEO of SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. said that the current orca experience, which features killer whales performing tricks, would last until 2016 only as the company has already begun planning for a new attraction in its San Diego facility.

The new orca experience is said to engage and educate visitors by highlighting the natural behaviors, habitats and environments of the species. SeaWorld wants to the people to see how the animals behave in the wild. "They jump in the wild, they splash in the wild," Manby said.

The new attraction will also entail conservation messages and tips for the guests so that they could have some learning to take home.

"The main point is we are listening to our guests," said Manby. He added that they are evolving as a company and that they are always changing and evolving. With that said, Manby confirmed that the theatrical "One Ocean" show of the killer whales would have to take its final bow in 2016.

Any plans to make modifications to orca attractions at other SeaWorld parks in Florida and Texas, have not yet been mentioned

Animal rights groups, who have been pushing to end public display and use of killer whales, said that the SeaWorld announcement is something designed to make persistent displays of animals more appealing to the public.

The investors calling into the firm's presentation did not inquire about the potential impacts of the move to the financial aspect of the business.

Photo: Tammy Lo | Flickr

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