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Captive Orcas Chew On Concrete And Steel Out Of Boredom And Anxiety

Researchers found that orcas in captivity incurred significant damage to their teeth from chewing on concrete and steel. The behavior is likely amplified by boredom and anxiety from captivity.

Animals October 13, 2017

SeaWorld Probed Over Statements Made Regarding The Impacts Of 'Blackfish'

SeaWorld filing reveals that it is being subpoenaed by two federal government offices regarding certain statements that it made. The company’s struggles began after the documentary ‘Blackfish.’

Animals June 25, 2017

SeaWorld Announces Birth Of Last Baby Orca Born In Captivity

SeaWorld announces the birth of an orca calf in San Antonio. The birth marks their last orca birth in captivity, and a last chance for guests to watch an orca calf’s growth up-close.

Animals April 20, 2017

'Blackfish' Star, Famous SeaWorld Killer Whale Tilikum Dies

SeaWorld’s famous killer whale Tilikum passed away on Jan. 6 after a long illness. The whale’s death has triggered sorrow with many recalling the turbulent life the whale represented in its 36 years of life.

Animals January 10, 2017

Morgan The Orca Beached Herself: What Really Happened?

A captive killer whale was caught on video beaching herself after a show in Tenerife, Spain. Some say she was trying to kill herself, but what really happened?

Animals June 9, 2016

Sea Turtles Thunder And Lightning Rescued Off The Coast Of Oregon Moved To SeaWorld San Diego

Two olive ridley sea turtles, a species that has been listed as endangered, have been shifted to SeaWorld in San Diego for further rehabilitative care.

April 3, 2016

Orcas Win! SeaWorld Decides To Stop Breeding Captive Killer Whales

SeaWorld on Thursday announced that it will stop breeding captive orcas or killer whales. The theme park will be re-focusing efforts to rescue stranded marine mammals and help them find a home.

Society March 18, 2016

SeaWorld Killer Whale Tilikum Is Very Sick

SeaWorld's killer whale Tilikum is very sick, the company has announced. The 35-year-old whale is said to have deteriorating health due to lung infection.

Earth/Environment March 8, 2016

SeaWorld To Replace 'Shamu' Killer Whale Show: San Diego Park To Showcase Orcas In Natural Setting

SeaWorld announced that it will replace its theatrical 'Shamu' killer whale show with a new orca experience. The goal of the new attraction is to highlight the marine animals in their natural habitat and environment.

Earth/Environment November 10, 2015

SeaWorld Continues Struggle To Overcome Negative Publicity Brought By Documentary 'Blackfish'

At the wake of the Blackfish documentary that depicted the story of one of the killer whales in the theme park, SeaWorld continues to struggle in overcoming negative publicity, as well as problems that had surfaced.

Animals November 9, 2015

SeaWorld To Challenge Regulators Over California Orca Breeding Ban

The California Coastal Commission has put a ban on breeding captive killer whales as one of its conditions to get approval for fish tank expansion. Marine animal park SeaWorld plans to file legal action against this.

Animals October 16, 2015

SeaWorld A Step Closer To Expanding Orca Tanks In California

Regulators give SeaWorld San Diego’s expansion project, Blue World Project, that aims to build bigger tanks for captive orcas a good push.

September 26, 2015

Orcas In SeaWorld Have Similar Lifespans To Orcas In The Wild: Study

San Diego-based marine theme park SeaWorld has released a new scientific study that suggests that killer whales bred in captivity have the same life expectancy as those living in the wild.

Earth/Environment July 23, 2015

SeaWorld #AskSeaWorld Online Campaign Backfires When Critics Flood Twitter With Posts

SeaWorld tried and failed to take advantage of social media in its latest campaign #AskSeaWorld, instead inviting questions it would rather avoid at the moment.

Business March 31, 2015

SeaWorld San Diego Resumes Sea Lion Shows After Animal Rescue Operations

After a few weeks of pause, the sea lion show at SeaWorld San Diego has resumed. Trainers at the facility were busy helping to rescue 579 marine mammals stranded on California beaches.

Earth/Environment March 27, 2015

SeaWorld Hopes To Increase Attendance With New Marketing Campaign

SeaWorld's attendance has been hit hard since the documentary 'Blackfish' was released in 2013. Will a new marketing campaign be able to turn things around for the marine life theme park?

Internet Culture February 28, 2015

Seaworld Speaks Up In Opposition To Whale Captivity Ban

Washington’s got its eye on a bill banning capturing and holding killer whales for entertainment and SeaWorld was there to support the opposition.

Society February 6, 2015

‘Blackfish’ causes SeaWorld stocks to dive

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. fell short on their expectations for the second quarter, as attendance continues to drop after the controversial documentary ‘Blackfish’ was released. SeaWorld’s image has been tainted after animal activists lobbied against orca captivity.

Movies/TV Shows August 13, 2014

SeaWorld's first test tube penguin is born

For the first time in history, SeaWorld in San Diego has successfully bred a penguin using artificial insemination with a technique developed by its veterinarians. The new breakthrough could save endangered animals.

Internet Culture August 11, 2014

Test tube penguin at SeaWorld is adorable and the first of its kind

A baby penguin born at SeaWorld, the first of its kind to be conceived via artificial insemination, is now three months old. The penguin is healthy, happy, and very cute.

Earth/Environment August 11, 2014

Sacramento bill bans SeaWorld orca performance and captive breeding, gets blasted by San Diego mayor

After the release of a documentary that allegedly shows the mistreatment of orcas in SeaWorld San Diego, a lawmaker has proposed a bill to ban the use of killer whales in performances. However, San Diego's mayor has spoken out against the proposal.

Earth/Environment March 9, 2014

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