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Banned Chemical Pollutant Threatens World's Killer Whale Populations

It was over 40 years ago when the first efforts to ban PCBs were initiated. Still, the banned chemical continues its deadly threat, especially among killer whales.

Animals September 28, 2018

Scientists Add 2 More Animals To List Of Species That Go Through Menopause

Like humans, narwhals and beluga whales go through menopause and have a longer post-reproductive life. The recent research provided the first-ever evidence of menopause in narwhals and beluga whales.

Animals August 31, 2018

Scientists Watch As Killer Whale Murders Newborn Orca: Why Did This Happen?

For the first time, scientists witnessed and documented a killer whale infanticide. A 32-year-old adult orca killed an infant orca, for a reason that may as well have come from the plot of a TV drama.

Animals March 24, 2018

Talking Killer Whales: Orcas Can Learn To Mimic Human Speech

Some bird species are known to imitate simple human words, but orcas? For the first time, scientists have documented a killer whale named Wikie as trainers teach it some simple greetings.

Animals February 1, 2018

Orca Failed Pregnancies Linked To Scarce Food Due To Salmon Shortage

Food shortage has been linked to the high rate of failed pregnancies in killer whales. The findings highlight the importance of restoring the population of the Chinook salmon to save the endangered orcas.

Animals June 29, 2017

Orca Attacks Are Killing More Gray Whales In California Than Previously Thought: Study

Orca attacks on the calves of gray whales have increased in California’s Monterey Bay. The killings became more pronounced after April 20, despite the late arrival of calves and mothers from Mexico.

Animals May 2, 2017

SeaWorld Announces Birth Of Last Baby Orca Born In Captivity

SeaWorld announces the birth of an orca calf in San Antonio. The birth marks their last orca birth in captivity, and a last chance for guests to watch an orca calf’s growth up-close.

Animals April 20, 2017

Orcas Spew An Array Of Bacteria When They Exhale, And Human Waste May Be To Blame

New research has found that orcas or killer whales breath out good bacteria, pathogenic ones such as salmonella, and fungi when they exhale. Human waste contaminating the environment may be to blame.

Animals March 25, 2017

Killer Whale Study Sheds Light On Why Orcas Undergo Menopause

Why do killer whales go through menopause? New study reveals this may have something to do with the family structure of killer whales, competition for food, and survival chances of calves.

Animals January 13, 2017

Oldest Known Orca J2 Granny Considered Dead

J2 Granny, one of the oldest known killer whales in the world, was last seen in October 2016 and is now presumed dead. How old was she?

Animals January 3, 2017

Predator Of Sharks: Rarely Seen Killer Whales Caught On Video Eating A Shark Alive

A group of offshore orcas, a seldom-seen sub-species of killer whale, was caught on video feasting on a shark. The footage provides additional evidence that these orcas are predators of sharks.

Animals December 19, 2016

WATCH: 4 Killer Whales Ravage And Devour Shark Alive In California

Two adult killer whales and two calves were spotted eating a whole shark alive in California's Monterey Bay. The action was caught on video by a drone pilot who was touring the area at the time.

Animals December 16, 2016

Why Do Humpback Whales Save Seals, Sunfish From Killer Whales?

Are humpback whales just 'accidental defenders' of smaller marine creatures or are they naturally inclined toward helping others? A new study attempts to find out.

Animals August 8, 2016

Aerial Video Shows Group Of False Killer Whales Hunting Down A Lone Shark

A drone hobbyist in Australia was able to capture a pod of false killer whales hunting down a small shark. Experts said these massive marine mammals are difficult to spot despite existing in large numbers in the high seas.

Animals May 11, 2016

Giant Fossilized Tooth From Ancient Killer Whale Found In Australia's Beaumaris Bay

Local fossil enthusiast Murray Orr stumbled upon a giant fossilized tooth along the beach of Beaumaris Bay in Australia. The tooth belongs to an ancient killer whale and is believed to be about 5 million years old.

Animals April 23, 2016

Clash Of Titans: Whale Watchers Witness Transient Orca Whales Attack Gray Whales Off The Coast Of Everett

Whale watchers had the rare chance of witnessing a fight between four orcas and two 40-ton gray whales in Puget Sound. While orcas aren't called killer whales for nothing, young male orca T137A probably didn't expect the fight he picked.

Animals April 3, 2016

Dopey Dick, A Famous Killer Whale In The '70s, Spotted Off The Coast Of Scotland

A famous killer whale, Dopey Dick, first seen in 1977 was again spotted off the west coast of Scotland. Killer whales have an average life expectancy of 30 years.

Earth/Environment April 3, 2016

Whale Watchers Witness Rare Whale Giving Birth Off The Coast Of California

Known as the third largest member of the oceanic dolphin family, false killer whales are often seen in tropical or temperate waters. There are only two recorded sightings of false killer whales off the coast of Southern California.

Earth/Environment March 22, 2016

Orcas Win! SeaWorld Decides To Stop Breeding Captive Killer Whales

SeaWorld on Thursday announced that it will stop breeding captive orcas or killer whales. The theme park will be re-focusing efforts to rescue stranded marine mammals and help them find a home.

Society March 18, 2016

Ship Noise Harms Ability Of Endangered Killer Whales To Hear Each Other In The Pacific Ocean

A new study found that ship noise can impair endangered killer whales' ability to communicate and find prey. Researchers found that ship noise can extend from low to high frequency, which the orcas use to communicate.

Earth/Environment February 3, 2016

Banned Chemicals Remain An Extinction Threat To Europe's Killer Whales And Dolphins

Toxic chemicals known as PCBs are found in high levels in orcas, dolphins and porpoises around Europe. The chemical can interfere with breeding, putting European populations of marine mammals at risk of extinction, researchers say.

Earth/Environment January 14, 2016

SeaWorld To Replace 'Shamu' Killer Whale Show: San Diego Park To Showcase Orcas In Natural Setting

SeaWorld announced that it will replace its theatrical 'Shamu' killer whale show with a new orca experience. The goal of the new attraction is to highlight the marine animals in their natural habitat and environment.

Earth/Environment November 10, 2015

SeaWorld Continues Struggle To Overcome Negative Publicity Brought By Documentary 'Blackfish'

At the wake of the Blackfish documentary that depicted the story of one of the killer whales in the theme park, SeaWorld continues to struggle in overcoming negative publicity, as well as problems that had surfaced.

Animals November 9, 2015

California Lawmaker Wants To End SeaWorld Killer Whale Displays

A California lawmaker announced that he is passing a bill to prohibit the breeding, import and export of orcas or killer whales. Rep. Adam Schiff wants to put an end to orcas being held in captivity for public display.

November 9, 2015

NOAA Scientists Use Drone To Study Endangered Killer Whales

The drone flown near San Juan Islands in Washington captured photos of the killer whales and the 81-member orca population spending some time in Canadian waters. The rich images also offered clues into the species' social bonding.

Animals October 24, 2015

Forget Jaws, This Video of Orcas Chasing a Speedboat Will Really Give You Ocean Nighmares [Video]

It was right under them. A family of killer whales gave two San Diego fishermen a scare when it chased after their speedboat.

Internet Culture September 16, 2015

Marine Organization Reports Killer Whale Sightings In Cardigan Bay

A marine group recently reported three sightings of killer whales or orcas in Cardigan Bay. According to a member of the organization, sightings in the said area are rare, so anyone who spots an orca is encouraged to report the sighting to marine officials.

Earth/Environment July 30, 2015

Orcas In SeaWorld Have Similar Lifespans To Orcas In The Wild: Study

San Diego-based marine theme park SeaWorld has released a new scientific study that suggests that killer whales bred in captivity have the same life expectancy as those living in the wild.

Earth/Environment July 23, 2015

Killer Whales Swim More Than 3,000 Miles From Antarctica To New Zealand: Why?

Through photo identification and satellite monitoring, scientists have found that killer whales travel all the way from Antarctica to New Zealand. The discovery may change scientific understanding regarding their ecosystems.

Earth/Environment June 29, 2015

Killer Whales, Post Menopause, Become Key Leaders In Their Pods: Here's Why

Post-menopausal killer whales tend to be the leader of their pod. New research reveals this has something to do with the older female's experience, which could increase the survival odds of its kin.

Earth/Environment March 8, 2015

Post-Menopausal Killer Whales Run The Family

Female orcas, which can live to be 90, act as "wise women" to help their families survive, researchers find. Long post-menopausal lifespan brings advantage of accumulated wisdom and experience.

March 5, 2015

Seaworld Speaks Up In Opposition To Whale Captivity Ban

Washington’s got its eye on a bill banning capturing and holding killer whales for entertainment and SeaWorld was there to support the opposition.

Society February 6, 2015

California Paddleboarder Captures Pod of Wild Orca Whales on Video

Rich German has always wanted to see orca whales. He finally saw not just one but five as he filmed a pod off Laguna Beach in California.

Earth/Environment January 22, 2015

It's a Girl! Will Newborn Orca Be Named Hope?

The birth of a baby orca in a pod of endangered killer whales is encouraging, researchers say. The baby orca brings the pod's population to 78 as numbers hover at a historical low.

Earth/Environment January 9, 2015

Drones offer glimpse into life of orca whales

Orca whales have been filmed by researchers using an aerial drone for the first time. Study utilizing these instruments could help protect the species in areas where they are locally endangered.

Earth/Environment October 17, 2014

They may be killer whales, but they can speak dolphin

Orca whales living with dolphins start communicating like their smaller relatives, a new study of the marine mammals showed.

Animals October 8, 2014

Orcas are still threatened by extinction

Southern resident Orcas, otherwise known as killer whales, face several threats to their survival as a species. Ten years after protective efforts began by NOAA, they face problems.

Earth/Environment July 2, 2014

PETA plasters anti-Sea World ad in San Diego airport

A new advertisement urging people to stay away from Sea World is now showing at the San Diego airport. But, why did PETA sponsor the ad?

Animals May 25, 2014

Hi Granny! World's oldest wild orca spotted off BC coast is probably older than your granny

World's oldest killer whale, thought to be 103 years old, was spotted near British Columbia. Dubbed "Granny," the orca is a member of an endangered group.

Animals May 15, 2014

Whales and ships heading for collision in Bering Strait, fear scientists

Whales and ships are on a collision course in the Bering Strait. How much danger are the marine mammals in, and what can be done to protect them?

Earth/Environment February 27, 2014

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