John Constantine was briefly back on TV when the character made a guest appearance on "Arrow." Now fans of the Hellblazer want him back on the small screen permanently, launching a petition asking networks to pick up "Constantine" once again.

Addressed to the USA Network, El Rey Network, Yahoo Screen, Netflix and The CW, the petition said that the TV show has an avid fanbase but has none to call home after NBC canceled it after just one season. To encourage the networks to consider picking up "Constantine," the petition pointed out that given the large number of fans the TV show has, it would definitely provide a boost in revenue and ratings wherever it will be shown again.

"It was proved that the 'Constantine' fanbase is still very much alive as evidenced by the reception to the character's appearance on the 5 episode of Arrow's fourth season," argued the petition.

And it is right - John Constantine's appearance did help give "Arrow" an 11-percent boost in its key demographic for the episode, where Oliver Queen called on him to help restore Sara Lance's sole after her Lazarus Pit resurrection.

The fact is, "Constantine" isn't completely off the air at the moment, having been picked up by the El Rey Network after inking a deal with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution. However, the network is only rebroadcasting all 13 episodes of "Constantine's" first season and not developing it for a second one. Reruns of the TV show started Nov. 3.

With El Rey Network part of the petition, maybe it too can consider giving the TV show a shot at getting its episodes reran.

When "Constantine" was canceled, executive producer Daniel Cerone thanked fans for their support, saying that they did what they could to pitch the TV show to other networks like Fox and The CW.

As the petition is also addressed to The CW, maybe it will help the network look back and reconsider picking up the TV show, most especially now that fans are being more vocal about their interest in "Constantine."

"Constantine" is based off "Hellblazer," a popular DC comic book series. It ran between Oct. 24, 2014 and Feb. 13, 2015 and starred Matt Ryan. In 2005, a movie adaptation was released as well featuring Keanu Reeves.

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