Turn Your Child's Teddy Bear Into A Smart Teddy Bear With Oliba


Children tend to lose things, especially when they are very young. Hours can be spent combing the house for a child's favorite Teddy bear before the toy is finally found outside in a tree.

Oliba, however, is here to change that. It is a smart toy tracker that uses Bluetooth 4.0 to help you find a toy. Oliba is also safe for children, has a night-light built in and can even tell stories.

The device itself looks like the face of an owl, and it can be tied around the arm of a stuffed animal, for example. Users can then see where the toy is on a map and make it play sounds through the in-built speaker. Due to the device being equipped with a speaker, it can be used for a number of other things as well.

For example, users can pick a story from a library of stories and play that story on Oliba. It certainly won't be like telling the story yourself, but if you want, you can even record your own voice telling a story and send that to the toy.

Users who want their child to be able to listen to a story can tell the child to simply press a button for two seconds, at which point, Oliba will start to play the current story.

The device itself works with both iOS and Android, is machine washable and can store as many as 10 songs and stories at once. It can also be recharged through USB. Not only that, but the device only costs between $35 and $49, depending on how many early bird specials are still available. The device is up for preorder on Indiegogo, with a flexible funding goal of $30,000.

Via: TechCrunch

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