Like a good audiobook every now and then?

Then you'll be happy to know that Barnes & Noble announced Wednesday that its new NOOK Audiobook App is available for iPhone and iPad. The company's new website,, is also offering more than 60,000 audiobooks online, which can now be listened to via any NOOK by Samsung tablet, iPhone, iPad or Android device via the app.

"We're thrilled to expand our NOOK Audiobooks offering to further our commitment to creating an easy way for customers to find and access their next great listen on their favorite devices," Fred Argir, Chief Digital Officer at Barnes & Noble, said in a company press release to make the announcement. "Customers can discover their newest audiobook anytime, anywhere and dive in immediately on any NOOK by Samsung, iPhone, iPad or Android device."

With the announcement, customers can select and purchase an audiobook title and enjoy listening to it on any of the aforementioned devices via the NOOK Audiobooks App. In addition, Barnes & Noble is allowing customers to sample any audiobook for free online. There's also on-demand listening without any required subscription.

Sampling an audiobook is key because the last thing you want is to listen to a voice for the next couple of hours that irks you for whatever reason or lulls you to sleep ... especially while driving.

In celebration of the announcement, Barnes & Noble has curated a mix of bestsellers and popular audiobook shorts for $2.99 on its NOOKAudiobooks website. Some of the titles under the promotion include: A Face in the Crowd by Stephen King, High Heat by Lee Child, Pros and Cons by Janet Evanovich, and Bullseye by David Baldacci.

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