Guitar Hero Live launched for the new Apple TV on Wednesday, which now enables users to channel their inner rock star without needing a console to do so.

But reaching rock star fame will come at a price. Users won't be able to play using Apple TV unless they have the guitar game controller.

Guitar Hero Live is similar to the console game, where three lanes are displayed on the screen and the player must hit the right notes as they appear. The mobile app for the iPhone and iPad features graphic improvements so the visuals look better, the ability to play with "real" band members as you rock on stage, and see the "real" reactions for the crowd.

In order to play Activision's mobile game, your device will have to run on iOS 8 or higher, with a minimum storage of 3GB in order to download it. You will need a Lightning Digital AV adapter and HDMI if you don't have Apple TV and want to play on the big screen.

But you won't be able to even play a single chord without the required controller when using Apple TV.

This comes as a bit of a shock since Apple has a policy that games for Apple TV are not required to use an MFi controller and must be able to be played with the Siri Remote alone. However, the controller for Guitar Hero Live is not technically a MFi game controller, and instead is a custom peripheral that doesn't work with any other game expect for Guitar Hero. It looks like Activision found a loophole in the App Store policy for tOS.

Of course this is frustrating because while the mobile app allows users to play free two-song trial without needing anything, they will have to spend $50 in order to unlock the full game, which includes an extensive library of tracks and access to the GHTV channels that allows you to play along to live music video.

But in order to play with Apple TV, gamers will have to purchase the full game and controller bundle for tvOS that retails for $99 on Amazon.

Source: 9 To 5 Mac

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