The popular Mac software that adjusts the color of your computer's display, F.Lux, is now available for the Apple iPhone and iPad outside of the company's App Store.  

The central feature of F.Lux on the Mac is to adjust the display to adapt to the time of day. The app will do the same for the iPhone and iPad, but only for devices powered by iOS 9. Furthermore, users are required to use Xcode 7, and must have a Mac powered by OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later.  

F.Lux makes the iPhone and iPad display appear warm to protect users from looking at a bright screen during the night, or from being affected by sunlight during the day. The app also has various settings to manually adjust brightness during the night and day, and it allows users to set their waking time as well.

The reason why F.Lux is being delivered outside of the App Store is because Apple does not officially allow developers to take advantage of the APIs that make the app work its magic. This is why the app must be side loaded to work.  

How to side load F.Lux on your iPhone and iPad:  

First, you'll need to download Xcode 7 from the Mac App Store. After that, download F.Lux for iOS and unzip the file. Once that is done, open the "iflux.xcodeproj" project in Xcode 7. Next, the user will be asked to open the Account section in Xcode 7.  

To do this, just go to Xcode > Preferences > Accounts. From here, enter the credentials linked to your iCloud account. Now, users will be asked to give the Bundle Identifier a name. To do this, go to Targets > iflux > General > Identity.  

Under Identity, there's an option called Team. Go there and choose your iCloud developer profile or account.  

We are almost done here!  

Finally, the user must connect their iPhone or iPad to a Mac using a lightning cable. After that, follow the these instructions carefully:  

Choose the word Destination from the Xcode Product menu and select your iOS smartphone or tablet. When the user is ready to have F.Lux, push Cmd-R. The user should then be asked to venture to Settings > General > Profile to trust the developer account.  

Run one final time, and make sure to allow notifications and location for the app to perform as expected.

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