It might be America's Pastime, but baseball has a place in the post-apocalytpic world, too. Well, a post-apocalytpic Boston.

Thanks to a new Fallout 4 mod, gamers can equip Boston Red Sox uniforms on characters so you can create your own David Ortiz to rampage through whatever's left of Bean Town.

A video of the mod, which was uploaded to YouTube by Richie Branson on Wednesday, starts off with Ortiz's back to the clip, surveying the Boston wasteland with his red and white No. 34 Red Sox home uniform in plain sight.

The startling scene immediately gets more twisted as the familiar tune of the original "Take Me Out to The Ball Game" begins to play. The cameras do a full 360 from Ortiz's point of view and from there, Big Papi is ready for some action.

Wielding a rusty nail-embedded bat up some dim-lit, cracked steps, Ortiz gives new meaning to Louisville Slugger, annihilating any Raiders in his path, while swinging for the fences. In fact, the very first Raider that he encounters gets the brunt of three wicked swings, leaving him absolutely out of commission. It takes one powerful swing to leave the next Raider in a blood bath and Ortiz continues his destruction, destroying any and everything in his path.

Perhaps the best part of this mod clip is during the waning seconds, when Ortiz wipes out three different enemies in sync with "Take Me Out to The Ball Game's" "for it's one, two, three strikes you're out" line. Pretty awesome.

Gamers — especially those who are Red Sox fans — are going to love this. New York Yankees' fans might want to look away, though. Nothing to see here.

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