So, Firefox is your favorite web browser and it irked you that you couldn't use it for your iOS devices? Well, not anymore.

On Wednesday, Mozilla Firefox announced that it's making its web browser available for all iOS devices, whether an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Firefox for iOS is now available in the App Store worldwide.

As part of the announcement, Nick Nguyen, vice president of Firefox Product, rolled out the first version of Firefox for iOS for interested users to see in a promotional video. That first version includes the Firefox features that existing users already know such as smart and flexible searching, intuitive tab management, syncing with Firefox accounts and private browsing.

In particular, Firefox accounts can be used to sync to your browsing history, tabs and passwords, while delivering bookmarks from your other devices to Firefox for iOS.

Mozilla promises to ramp up its features for Firefox for iOS as well, so this is just the beginning. From the looks of this clip, Firefox for iOS runs clean and smooth. Firefox can also be added to the dock on the bottom of your home screen on whatever iOS device you're using.

"Now you can take your Firefox experience with you on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch," Nguyen says in the clip. "We are super excited about Firefox for iOS, so give it a try."

Firefox for iOS is bound to have plenty of suitors.

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