For the first time since the Vevo app was created, it's moving away from the confines of YouTube, and in a tremendous way. The creators released a new version of the app for iOS, and the changes were apparent.

The release of the app coincides with the release of YouTube Music, but Vevo took a different turn in terms of design. The bold new design takes more from Tinder and Snapchat than from YouTube, and in many ways, that's a good move.

When launching the new Vevo iOS app for the first time, the Tinder ideas are apparent from the beginning. Users are asked to tell Vevo about their favorite musicians. Vevo is calling this feature, "Favorites" and it is probably the most important feature added to the music video app in a long time

The app does this by presenting its users with several images of musicians. To see more, users must swipe either left or right.

This is how it is done on Tinder when folks want to find a potential match.

Based on the musicians the user has chosen, the app will in the future automatically come up with a playlist of songs the user might enjoy. Users can edit this at any time should they find the personalized songs below par.

The next big feature the new Vevo app brings to the table is Spotlight. This replaced the app's Discover section. It is designed to recommend unknown and new music videos to the user from various artists and playlists. Some aspects of this feature are also based on "Favorites."

The interesting thing about the new Vevo app is there are little to no menus to choose from. The previous app had several menus, but with the new design, everything is easier and more streamlined.

For now, the update is only available for iOS devices, but an Android version will come soon enough. As for Windows Phone, well, tough chance.

Download the app from the Apple iTunes Store.

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