Things are quickly heading towards the apocalypse on Heroes Reborn, at least if Claire's twins, Tommy, aka Nathan, (Robbie Kay) and Malina (Danika Yarosh) can't stop it like they're supposed to.

In a new preview of next week's episode, which marks the series' fall finale, Tommy realizes that he must team up with the enemy, Erica (Rhya Kihlstedt), who is holding him against his will. She has some sort of end game in plan for the apocalypse, but it's still unclear exactly what that is.

Tommy also arrives in the future in this clip and sees that there's nothing left of humanity: the Earth is nothing but desert wasteland and everything, and everyone, is gone. In the present, though, Malina, "must save the most beloved hero of all," who isn't even an Evo, but her grandfather, Noah Bennett (Jack Coleman).

We also see Miko (Kiki Sukezane), who returned in last night's episode. Her life supposedly ended with her mission to save Hiro (Masi Oka), but it seems that she has a much larger mission to complete, which is probably to help the others save the world from impending doom.

So what's going to happen in future episodes after the fall finale? In an interview with IGN, Kay spoke about the future of Heroes Reborn.

"You're also going to see the ramifications of what HRG has done in the past," said Kay, referring to Bennett. "Obviously that part of his life is going to become more evident. For me, the next five episodes really, really just ramp up and up and up. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger right up to the climax and the finale."

In an interview with Collider, Coleman also stated that every episode so far works to build towards the season finale.

"After we go back to June 13th when everything fell apart and Noah finds out what happened, there are all sorts of answers given and mysteries revealed," said Coleman. "Every question that the show has asked, up to this point, will all be answered. And then, it will spin off headlong towards the end of our story for these 13 episodes with a very distinct objective for how the world has to be saved and from whom. Everything pivots and sends us toward our finale."

Heroes Reborn airs on NBC on Thursdays.

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