While computer users have been using multiple monitors for a while now, many take issue with the fact that there's normally two fairly large plastic bezels between displays, especially when it comes to gaming.

BenQ, however, hopes to change this, and while the company's new monitor, called the EW2750ZL, has a number of great features, perhaps the most impressive is the fact that it has almost no bezel.

While the display isn't ultrahigh-resolution, it does feature BenQ's "enhanced resolution capabilities," which is aimed at improving the quality of online video and boosting the pixel density of content. Users are even able to create a focal point in the display when they aren't able to make a video full screen, which helps eliminate distractions while viewing video.

One of the features of the new monitor that BenQ seems to be very proud of is the low-blue-light feature, which is aimed at reducing eye strain and eye fatigue over long periods of computer use. Display flickering has been reduced across all brightnesses. Not only that, but a new cinema mode has also been introduced, aimed at improving the color quality on the display.

Another interesting feature about the display is the fact that BenQ seems to be realizing that we're no longer living in a computer-only world. The EW2750ZL is able to connect via HDMI, but it also offers mobile high-definition link inputs, enabling users to stream from their phones or tablets as well.

The EW2750ZL is available now from BenQ or from other select retailers, and will set users back $210, which certainly isn't bad for a 27-inch 1080 p display.

Via: Digital Trends

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