When in war with someone, it's easy to drop F bombs on social media rants, but this often leaves you looking crazy and slightly unhinged. What you should do instead is give your enemies the "herpes of the craft world" directly in the palm of their hands.

That's right, we are talking about dropping a glitter bombs on those who deserve an evil prank. If you've ever done arts and crafts then you know what a pain cleaning up glitter can be. It sticks to your fingers, clenches to your clothes, and once it drops on the carpet, your plans of cleaning up the mess are screwed.

Now you can send your arch nemesis a glitter explosion via the mail thanks to the website "Ship Your Enemies Glitter," which has gone viral with a little help from revenge seekers on Reddit.

For just $10 AUD, or eight U.S. dollars, you can purchase the prank to end all prank wars. All you have to do is explain why this horrible person  is so horrible and the site ships your enemy "so much glitter in an envelope that they'll be finding that sh"t everywhere for weeks." Inside the envelope is the letter, also full of glitter, to assure "maximum spillage."

Of course, you remain anonymous, leaving that person to wonder what they did to deserve this horrible arts and craft horror.

While this may sound like a sick joke (read their hilarious FAQ page), this website is legit. Ship Your Enemies Glitter has crashed since first being posted on Reddit's r/InternetIsBeautiful forum, probably because of increased traffic. But seriously glitter bombs are the bomb.

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