Here's some bad news: if you are trying to play the Destiny beta right now, you may be waiting for a while.

The PlayStation Network store is currently struggling due to the high number of players all attempting to redeem and download the beta for developer Bungie's eagerly anticipated sci-fi shooter, which is currently only available for PlayStation 4 before opening up to Xbox users on July 23. Users are currently receiving an error message that says, "The service is currently undergoing maintenance - E-820001F7." Sony's official "AskPlayStation" Twitter account advises users to try again later.

Sony is saying on its PSN support page that the service is "Intermittently Available," but Sony isn't alone in their problems. Bungie's own website, where players go to redeem Destiny beta keys and to track stats, is also chugging thanks to the sudden wave of newcomers. The "BungieHelp" Twitter account says " is experiencing heavy traffic right now. Beta codes will be emailed shortly. Updates to follow!"

The good news? It looks like anticipation levels for Destiny are at an all time high, so high that neither Sony -- who has been treating Destiny like a first-party PS4 title thanks to exclusive access to the alpha, early access to the beta and exclusive in-game content -- and Bungie, are not entirely equipped to deal with the level of demand.

This is of course what alphas and betas are for -- to iron out the kinks before the game launches in September. The Destiny beta is already seeing some changes from the alpha that wrapped up several weeks ago, most noticeably the absence of the now infamous line of dialogue, "That wizard came from the moon." The line, delivered in a deadpan style by "Game of Thrones" actor Peter Dinklage, who voices the AI companion Ghost in Destiny, gave gamers a good laugh and prompted Bungie to assure players that Dinklage would return to the recording booth before the game's release.

CVG is reporting in a comparison video that the line has been cut from the beta and Dinklage's voice tweaked to lend it a more robotic tone. In general several lines of dialogue from the alpha seemed to be cut short in the beta. While the audio is different, it doesn't sound like Dinklage has re-recorded any of his lines. If Bungie aims to make good on its promise it doesn't have much time -- Destiny hits store shelves for PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on September 9.

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