Following the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris last Nov. 13, Airbnb decided to help those who need to find a free place to stay in France.

If you're a person who is determined to meet a family member who was in Paris at the time of the attack or if you got stuck in the country after what happened, there is an option to not pay a thing when seeking to find a place to stay for a while. Furthermore, Airbnb is also waiving its service fees for a limited time.

There is one condition here, folks who want to take advantage of the waived fees must check in before Tuesday, Nov. 17.

"Today, we are grieving with the people of Paris and the world who are mourning the heartbreaking events that took place last night. And we have been inspired by the hosts in our community who are opening their homes to people affected by these terrible attacks," according to a statement from Airbnb.

Airbnb is the latest company to come to the aid of victims and their families in the terrorist attack on Paris. Facebook was one of the first Internet giants to make the move, announcing that its Safety Check feature, designed at first to help reassure friends and families during and after a natural disaster, is now doing the same for "serious and tragic events."

In the past, Airbnb did a similar thing too. However, like Facebook, it is the first time the company has done something under the "human disaster" banner, as the majority of what the company had done was for victims who suffered under natural calamities.

The attack that happened in Paris last Friday, Nov.13 left more than 100 people dead, while those who were not killed by the multiple blasts and gunfire were not spared from the grief for those who perished. According to reports, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack and has threatened to cause more destruction in Paris and other countries such as the United States and Russia.

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