Princess Peach's Castle From 'Super Mario 64' Has Been Masterfully Recreated In 'Minecraft'


Minecraft is perfect for recreating iconic locations, and two players have taken it upon themselves to faithfully craft one of the most iconic video game castles of all time in Mojang's block-filled world.

The castle in question is none other than the one owned by Princess Peach in Super Mario 64. In that game, Peach's castle served as the hub-world, allowing players to run around the castle and explore its secrets. Diving into one of the castle's many wall paintings would then transport players to new stages that had to be completed in order to unlock more areas of the castle.

It's a lot to recreate, because not only must you craft the castle itself, but also the paintings. That didn't stop redditor SlipNSchlong and a friend from doing just that, however, and the results speak for themselves.

While the outside of the castle isn't all that accurate, the inside is a spitting image of the castle that more than a few gamers have memorized over the years. Each painting is exactly where it should be, only don't try jumping into one. You'll just embarrass yourself.

You can check out some images of the castle below, or check out this imgur album for the full set. You can download the map for yourself here.

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