Coding is cool.

In continuing to drive that point home, has teamed up with Microsoft to deliver a special Minecraft coding tutorial for students and educators at the third annual Hour of Code event. Although the special tutorial will be available at the event, which aims to broaden global participation in computer science during Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 7-13), it's currently available at, where it's sure to reach the masses.

"A core part of our mission to empower every person on the planet is equipping youth with computational thinking and problem-solving skills to succeed in an increasingly digital world," said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, in a press release statement. "With Minecraft and, we aim to spark creativity in the next generation of innovators in a way that is natural, collaborative and fun."

The Minecraft coding tutorial is designed for ages six and up, introducing players to basic coding skills via exploring the Minecraft environment, which is currently accessed by the game's 100 million-plus players. As part of this tutorial, players are offered 14 coding challenges.

"Minecraft is a special game that girls and boys alike often can't be pried away from," said CEO and co-founder Hadi Partovi in a press release to make the announcement. "Microsoft continues to be's most generous donor and one of the largest supporters of the worldwide movement to give every student the opportunity to learn computer science. This year's Minecraft tutorial will empower millions of learners around the world to explore how a game they love actually works and will inspire them to impact the world by creating their own technology or apps."

Weaving Minecraft into its coding challenges will be sure to be a big victory for Hour of Code, which has already seen participation from more than 100 million students over 180 countries, speaking 40 different languages.

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