A French interior designer has filed a lawsuit against Airbnb, claiming that the company allegedly stole her home decorating ideas for its San Francisco office without giving her proper credit.

Designer Zoé de Las Cases rented out her apartment four years ago without a problem. While many people might worry that those who rent out their rooms may steal a souvenir without the owner knowing, this woman found that her life's work was taken by none other than the company itself when her friend informed her that Airbnb's San Francisco offices look strikingly similar to her own place.

While many might laugh off the whole situation, assuming the the company and designer share similar tastes and styles, Cases has substantial reasoning to believe her apartment design was actually copied. Interestingly enough, Airbnb's founder Brian Chesky reportedly stayed at her place for three nights four years ago, which would then make sense as to how the company got the inspiration to decorate its office headquarters.

The Airbnb office even has a photo of her grandmother in its office that is located on her kitchen shelf, along with replicas of other personal souvenirs. The offices even feature similar furniture like her yellow rocking chair that gives a pop of color in the predominately white color scheme. Even the same wallpaper Cases has in her apartment covers the walls of the office.

Cases is upset because the company failed to ask for her permission to copy her design, or at the very least, credit her for her work.

For now, the matter will be settled in court. Airbnb has not commented on the lawsuit.

Source: The Next Web

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