Luke Skywalker Kills Way More People In 'Star Wars' Than Darth Vader In This Supercut


Luke may be a Jedi like his father before him, but if we are going strictly by the numbers he may the biggest killer in the history of the Jedi Order.

We always think of Luke as the hero. He helps lead the Rebel Alliance to victory over the Empire time and time again. Later in the original Star Wars trilogy, he becomes a Jedi and redeems Darth Vader when the two of them defeat the Emperor.

But is Luke really a champion of peace? As Mr. Sunday Movies shows in his video, Luke has killed more people on screen than his "evil" father Anakin. Way more in fact.

This is all thanks to Luke being responsible for blowing up the Death Star. In one fell swoop, Luke's count jumps to more than 300,000, with his total kill count at the end of the three original films rounding out at 369,470. Dang.

Darth Vader/Anakin, on the other hand, kills only 60 people over the course of both the original and prequel trilogies, though he is responsible for murdering Jedi younglings and his wife. Keep in mind that the destruction of Aldeeran isn't on Vader's shoulders either. Though Vader is at least partially responsible, he didn't personally pull the trigger that blew up Princess Leia's home planet. While Vader's off screen kill count is certainly much higher thanks to various comics and books that have expanded on the character, he would have to be one pretty bad dude to rack up more kills than his son.

You can watch the full video below. How many more people will Luke kill in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? We'll have to wait until Dec. 18 to find out.

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