'The Drift TV' Box Gradually Removes Blue Light From Television To Help People Fall Asleep Easier


The best sleep often comes as you doze off while watching television. However, it could get better.

A company named Saffron is introducing The Drift TV, which gradually decreases the blue light from your television screen to improve the quality of your sleep. Saffron is aiming to have the $99 device available by Christmas.

With sleep researchers having long reported that the blue light emitting from your TV screen affects your sleep by fidgeting with our melatonin levels, productivity and even mood, the Drift TV box connects between a TV and HDMI switch and discreetly removes blue spectrum light during your late-night television-viewing.

The blue-light removal can begin an hour before a user schedules his or her desired bedtime via the unit's on-screen menu. The Drift TV box also allows you to adjust the amount of blue light to suit your own schedule and even has features so that you don't notice the transition. Users can also schedule a wake-up time, at which point, your television's full spectrum of color will return.

The device even touts a "Max Drift" feature, which can be set to remove blue light from the TV's image at rapid 10 percent increments, working until 100 percent is removed to maximize the level of sleep and accelerate the time it takes to catch some Zs.

This seems like the perfect device for late-night television viewers who always seem to fall asleep while watching TV, only to wake up in the morning with everything on. Those types might as well improve the experience and possibly even improve their quality of sleep.

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