Gawker, the gossip site that saw an internal turmoil gone public, has retooled itself to focus on politics.

The company's structural stir was sparked by the resignation of its top editors over the removal of a controversial post, one that drew into a publishing executive who was married to a woman and allegedly made an attempt to book a gay escort.

A memo, released Nov. 17, contained key information relating to the site's reorganization.

"To the staff, and to new hires coming in, I can offer a company with a more rigorous strategy and a clearer identity. We instigate an honest conversation about the news, interests and issues that touch people most deeply. That's our distinctive mission," wrote founder Nick Denton. "In today's digital media landscape, to today's skeptical digital generation, it matters more than ever."

Political scoops, according to Denton, have given Gawker its more well-known editorials. Among the examples that he cited include the power of Fox News and Hillary Clinton's private email address.

Gawker's scoops will point up the 2016 presidential campaign, and seize "the opportunity to re-orient its editorial scope on political news, commentary and satire."

The shift will be headed by editor Alex Pareene, who is tasked by Denton to "to hump the [2016] presidential campaign."

Resources will then be redirected to support Pareene's vision. Tom Socca will continue to be executive features editor and will launch a weekly column.

Denton announced that the team will be hiring "fast, hungry" political reporters with "distinctive point of view and a strong voice."

Unfortunately the shift in focus also entailed a shift in personnel as Denton had to let go staff who have been "valuable assets in previous iterations of Gawker."

In conjunction with the retooling, The Vane, Jezebel's Millihelen and Kitchenette, Lifehacker's Workshop and AfterHours, Jalopnik's Flight Club, and Gizmodo's Indefinitely Wild and Throb will be folded, while Defamer, Morning After, and Valleywag will be permanently shuttered.

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