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Wikipedia Cofounder Jimmy Wales Launching Wikitribune, A Crowdfounded Online Newspaper To Fight Fake News

Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales has come up with another ambitious project, this time dedicated to quality news stories. The new Wikitribune online publication is seeking funds to support evidence-based journalism and fight fake news.

Internet April 26, 2017

BuzzFeed Sparks Debate Over Media Ethics After Outing Unverified Trump Report

BuzzFeed published a dossier about Donald Trump alleging the president-elect's connections to the Russian government. The news organization's decision to publish the dossier created a backlash from other journalists and media outlets.

Feature January 12, 2017

Facebook Accused Of Censoring Palestinian Journalists Accounts

Facebook is facing censorship allegations after it blocked the personal accounts of multiple Palestinian journalists, this weekend. The social media company, which recently tightened ties with the Israeli military, said that it is 'very sorry' and blamed the suspensions on a mistake.

Apps/Software September 26, 2016

Google Expands Project Shield To Protect World's News From Digital Attack

The company is especially concerned with distributed denial of service (DDos) hacks, which can be administered by anybody with a computer.

Internet February 25, 2016

Apple's iOS 9 News App Helps Journalism And It's Not Banned In China, Explains Eddy Cue

Apple now has 40 million people using its iOS 9 news-reading app. Currently available in the U.S., the company said that it’s also creating a News app for users in China.

Internet December 2, 2015

Gawker To Shift Gears From Snarky, Buzzy, Gossip Site To Political Website

Gawker is giving up on gossip reporting to refocus on politics, particularly, the 2016 presidential campaign. Unfortunately, the transformation involves shutting down more than a few publications and letting go of several staff.

Internet Culture November 18, 2015

The New York Times Virtual Reality App Is The Future Of Journalism, Now Available For Android And iOS

The New York Times announced the launch of its virtual reality app, NYT VR, which some have dubbed as the future of journalism. Along with the app's launch, two immersive films were also released.

Apps/Software November 7, 2015

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Tales: Read The Best Stories Of The Year

The Pulitzer Prize awards for the best journalism of the year were named last week. If you get most of your news online, chances are you missed a lot of it, so Tech Times has put together links to all the winning stories here.

Society April 27, 2015

The Pulitzer Prizes: Here Are The Big Winners In Journalism

The big winners for the coveted Pulitzer Prize this year included notable publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, which took home the joint honors for best investigative reporting.

Internet Culture April 22, 2015

Columbia University Report Tears Rolling Stone UVA Rape Story Apart: A Failure Of Journalism

A scathing report on a Rolling Stone article by Sabrina Rubin Erdely regarding a gang rape allegation at the University of Virginia says the magazine's story was a monumental failure in journalism and journalistic best practices.

Society April 6, 2015

Peter Molyneux Berated In Antagonistic Interview About 'Godus' Delays

This interview between Peter Molyneux and John Walker of RockPaperShotgun is guaranteed to generate strong feelings — no matter who you think is right. Or who you think is wrong.

Geek February 13, 2015

Top Science Stories of 2014: Research and Discoveries That Made the News and Why They Mattered

Wide range of topics make a list of most viewed science stories of the year. Health, genetics, environment stories all made the list.

Life December 28, 2014

BBC Reporter Gets High While Reporting On A Massive Flaming Drug Pile

Don't breathe this.

Internet Culture December 23, 2014

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