Running Out Of Storage? Google Photos Can Now Help Free Space On Your Phone: Here's How


A new version of Google Photos has been released and with it comes a new feature that relieves users of the tediousness of deleting apps, videos and pictures off a mobile phone.

Google Photos v1.9 builds on top of the software's most notable features, such as visual search and automatic backup, and introduces new ways of freeing up space.

"Today, we're making it easy to free up space on your phone, anytime you need," Google announces Photos' new space-saving capabilities on a post dated Nov. 18.

After backing up photos and videos through Google Photos' database, users can effortlessly delete the copies within their devices by going to Settings and tapping on "Free up space." Users will be asked twice in order to avoid any accidental confirmations.

Furthermore, with Google Photos' seamless integration into the Android mobile OS, users who are backing up their photos can use it to keep track of the device's storage status or filter images and videos that are more than a month old.

"Google Photos can keep track of your phone's storage space for you," Google elaborates. "Get notified when your phone is running low on space, and easily remove the device copies of backed up photos older than 30 days right from the Assistant."

The mentioned Assistant card was previously limited to users who back up their photos in Original quality. However, with v1.9, those who opt for High quality will also be able to use it as well. Aside from easing up file deletion, the new handy helper can also facilitate the creation of GIFs from existing photos and videos.

Aside from the new features, a bug fix was also rolled out.

"We're rolling out a fix that will allow users on certain SD-card enabled devices to delete photos stored on an SD card," John Elstone, a Citrix Project engineer, reveals.

Elstone notes that the bug fix should prevent the issue of images that persistently shows up on Photos even after deletion. The feature is currently native to Android but Google promises that it will soon come to iOS.

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