A recent analysis by IHS Automotive reveals that new vehicle registrations in the US are now dominated by SUVs and Crossovers with the sedans tagging closely behind. For several decades, the ubiquitous four-door sedan has been a common sight in US highways amidst the presence of other  vehicle body options.

Records show that at least 36.5 % of new vehicle registrations during the period between this year's January and May are SUVs and Crossovers. This is a slim lead considering the fact that sedans placed second with its record of 35.4 %. To round up the top three, pickup trucks held the market share percentage of 13.1, creating a huge gap after the sedans.

"It's not that sedans have become unpopular," says IHS analyst Tom Libby. "It's just that CUVs have really grown. They drive like cars, but they have higher positioning, the option for four-wheel drive and better fuel economy. There's more space for seating. It's easy to see why they've taken off in popularity."

In 2013, SUVs and Crossovers reached 33.9% in new vehicle registrations. Sedans, on the other hand, reached 36.6%.

Several reasons have been cited for the booming sale of SUVs and Crossovers. First, they have most of the consumers' desired features that are unmatched by other vehicle types, all rolled into one. These include all-wheel drive, towing capacity, wide interior space for both passengers and cargo, ground clearance, higher seating position, and a softer ride. 

Not only are they compact and mid-sized, SUVs and Crossovers beat other vehicle body types because of their less fuel consumption feature. While they have the same maneuver control quality and convenience of a small car, they also offer an additional storage capacity. 

CUVs, which had entered the market during the 1990s, have surpassed pickup sales on a massive scale. Compared to light trucks, they offer better fuel economy, superb cargo, and towing capability. With prices of gasoline constantly on the rise, the makers behind pickups have a big reason to stay alarmed.

Tom Libby added that SUVs and Crossovers "offer the combination of appealing features associated with both cars and light trucks, including a higher seating position, higher ground clearance, softer ride, more interior space, optional four-wheel or all-wheel drive, and towing capacity, among others. Combined with the successful launches of all-new models and the introduction of redesigned existing products, these body styles offer a compelling option for the market."

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