After a strong showing since its release two months ago, iOS 9 adoption rate is tapping out slowly. According to Apple's developer figures, around 67 percent of all iOS users have upgraded to iOS 9.

While those figures are not bad, it shows that things are slowing down to a halt since a 1 percent increase in just two weeks alone is quite disappointing. Furthermore, we have to take into consideration that since the launch of iOS 9, Apple had experienced an upgrade rate of 1 percent every 2.5 days.

This shouldn't be surprising when we consider how long iOS 9 has been available, and when the adoption rate has been compared with previous versions, mainly iOS 8 back in 2014.

The switch to iOS 9 is expected to round out at around 80 percent, but at the rate at which things are going, that may take some time since it has not budged from 67 percent for a while. Although, with Black Friday coming along, there is a possibility that the number of adoption could skyrocket as more consumers will purchase iPhones and iPads.

Adoption rate had been moving swiftly before, as punctuated by the announcement of the Cupertino giant that over 50 percent of all iOS users have updated to iOS 9 back in September. While in October, one of the many reasons folks have switched over to iOS 9, is due to Apple releasing brand new emojis alongside iOS 9.1.

The categories of new emojis include, animals and nature, smiley, food and drink, and a lot more.

Even though the launch of new emojis caused the adoption rate to go up even further, the increase has now reached the breaking point.

Nevertheless, Apple is testing iOS 9.2 beta, so depending on what it brings to the table, a further adoption increase might take shape in similar ways to iOS 9.1.

As for iOS 8 and later versions, the former is sitting well with 24 percent of the user base, while earlier versions combined have a 9 percent command.

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