We've all had that moment of envy while watching that scene in Clueless where Alicia Silverstone's character Cher Horowitz uses a computer program to help her find the perfect outfit. Now, consumers can use an even more technologically-advanced system in Ralph Lauren's fitting rooms, a smart mirror that suggests styles to make deciding what outfits to buy so much easier.

While many consumers might do most their shopping online, there is no escaping the need to try on clothes in person. However, the fitting room lighting may not be so flattering, and there's always that instance when you need to run for a different size, meaning you will have to put your clothes back on just to take them off again.

However, this new interactive mirror launched by New York-based startup Oaks Labs will change your negative feelings about trying on clothes.

Located at the Polo Ralph Lauren Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City, the dressing room is equipped with a touchscreen mirror that does everything from adjusting the lighting to pinging a sales associate (who has an accompanying app on a tablet) to bring you a new size or other option.

Once a consumer steps into the fitting room, an RFID antenna located in the mirror picked up on what clothes you brought in and displays them on the mirror. Users can then use the touchscreen to select their size, color and see recommendations — it's basically like you have personal stylists there with you to help you find the best options.

The interactive mirror also gives consumers the option of five additional languages: Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese, so even non-English speaking shoppers can take advantage of the tech.

Consumers can also opt to save their outfit for later on their smartphones when deciding on which items to buy now and which ones to come back for, and will receive a text message with a link to the clothes they tried on after entering in their mobile number using the touchscreen.

There is even the option to check out so that your purchases will be paid for and brought directly to you by an associate while you get back into your clothes.

Oak Labs CEO Healey Cypher previously used similar technology a year ago when he was working at eBay. The interactive mirror by eBay, which debuted at the Rebecca Minkoff store in NYC's Soho neighborhood last year, could do some of the same functions as seen at the Ralph Lauren store, including the ability to make a purchase via PayPal while still in the fitting room.

However, Cypher said that, while the idea is similar, the Oak Labs mirrors use proprietary hardware and software.

Ralph Lauren has purchased 16 touchscreen smart mirrors from Oak Labs, with four featured on the women's floor fitting rooms, another four in the men's floor fitting rooms at its flagship location and the rest to be sent to other stores next month.

Source: The Verge

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