During the winter months, we often find that it's hard to get out of bed in the morning. If you've noticed that you have been running on low battery even though you've been trying your hardest to hit the hay a bit earlier, then it may be time to start tracking your sleep patterns.

Beddit Smart is one of the sleep trackers on the market right now that can help you do just this. Instead of requiring nighttime use of a wearable that may fall off or bother you while you sleep, Beddit Smart is an ultrathin sensor strip that slides right under your bedsheets.

It transforms your mattress into a smart bed by automatically logging and monitoring many aspects of your sleep, including: sleep quality, total sleep time, time it took to fall sleep, sleep efficiency, sleep cycles, snoring, heart rate, respiration, amount of restless sleep and bed exits (times you get up during the night, say to use the bathroom).

The sensor will only track the data from the primary weight laying on the device, meaning if your dog or baby hops into bed with you during the night, your data will remain accurate.

Beddit Smart is compatible with iOS and Android devices, with the latter just receiving an update that makes the graphics in line with the iPhone and iPad version. However, while iOS users do not need to turn on the app before going to sleep, Android users will still have to open the app for tracking to begin. This feature is expected to roll out for Android in the first quarter of next year.

The app has an efficient design that displays the user's data in a circular graph, breaking down the stats,and provides an overall sleep score, with 100 being the best night's sleep you could have.

The user can also view a more in-depth look at their sleeping patterns through other charts.

Beddit Smart retails for $149, and is available on Amazon, Apple Stores, apple.com, Brookstone, Bed Bath and Beyond, and its website at beddit.com. The accompanying app is free to download for iOS and Android.

Consumers can also purchase the Finland-based company's pillow, the NightCare No-Snore Pillow (an FDA-approved pillow that reduces snoring and aids with mild sleep apnea) for $99, or can opt for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday bundle that features the Beddit Classic device and the NightCare No-Snore Pillow for $79.

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