After the ISIS attack on Paris that caused the death of 130 innocent people, Anonymous has promised it will wage cyber war against the terror group. ISIS has responded by calling them "idiots."

In a recent video, Anonymous says it plans to launch a massive cyber war against ISIS. We're not certain how the group is planning to do this, but it is clear that something huge is on the way.

ISIS responded on a Telegram channel, issuing a statement to its followers about what Anonymous is planning and how to prevent being hacked by the group. The statement was straightforward and to the point, though it is not certain if it is enough to stop the hacking group.

"The Anonymous hackers threatened in new video release that they will carry out a major hack operation on the Islamic State (idiots)," the statement reads in part.

ISIS also posted the same message to several of its channels on the web as it prepares for any attack that might come from the hacking group in the future.

In another post, ISIS declared itself to be the "leaders of the virtual world," which could be a means of calling out or taunting Anonymous.

Rachel Bryson, a Quilliam Foundation researcher who specializes in deciphering ISIS propaganda, tries to explain what ISIS statement meant in an email to the Business Insider.

"I don't know if it is literally declaring virtual war on Anonymous, but it is promising a response — which can easily be declared 'war.' They are definitely trying to taunt Anonymous with this ..." she says.

Telegram, which has around 50 million users, has closed 78 channels alleged to have belonged to ISIS. One of them had over 16,000 members tuning in on a daily basis for messages from the terror group.

Anonymous began its cyberattack on ISIS back in January of this year after the attack on Charlie Hebdo. Since then, several social media accounts belonging to the terror group were taken offline.

Photo: Jason Scragz | Flickr

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