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Hezbollah Creates A Call Of Duty Style Game Where Players Can Fight Against ISIS

A media outlet affiliated with Hezbollah has created a new pro-Hezbollah video game called 'Holy Defense.' The game allows players to fight against ISIS to protect Syria and Lebanon.

Video Games February 28, 2018

Private Space Stations Essential For Lunar Tourism: Vital For Landing And Refueling, Says Expert

Aerospace scientist Robert Bigelow said privately-owned space stations can start orbiting the moon by 2020 if the Trump administration supports private spaceflights. He said such stations are indispensable for sustaining lunar tourism in terms of landing and refueling.

Space March 10, 2017

ISIS Weaponizes Everyday Consumer Drones, Turns The UAVs Into Bombers

The militant group ISIS has recently been customizing commercial drones to drop grenade-sized explosives onto residents in Mosul, Iraq. Iraqi Security Forces plan to use a gun-shaped jamming device to render them ineffective.

Defense January 17, 2017

Twitter Cracks Down On ISIS And Terrorists, But Nazi Sympathizers And White Nationalists Are Left To Run Rampant: Something's Wrong Here

Twitter has painted a target on terrorism-related content on the social media platform. However, while Twitter has been suspending such accounts as those of ISIS supporters, accounts of Nazi sympathizers and white nationalists have been left unchecked.

Internet September 5, 2016

Cyberspace 'Ungoverned And Lawless' As Facebook, Twitter And Google Serve As Recruiting Platforms For Terrorists: UK Lawmakers

UK lawmakers presented a report that points fingers at big names in tech. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google were accused of breeding perilous recruiting platforms for terrorist groups such as ISIS.

Internet August 25, 2016

Twitter Not Liable For ISIS 'Hateful Rhetoric': Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Claiming Twitter Supported The Islamic State Group

A judge in a California District Court recently dismissed a lawsuit that accused Twitter of supporting ISIS in its malicious actions. The plaintiffs' arguments were rejected by Judge William H. Orrick, who showed why Twitter is innocent.

Business Tech August 11, 2016

New Computer Algorithm Sifts Social Media Posts To Predict Next ISIS Terror Attack

Posts on Russia-based social media site VKontake revealed how the ISIS terrorist group manage to grow and organize online. How can online activities and behaviors of sympathizers help predict and possibly prevent future attacks?

Computers June 17, 2016

Creative Annonymous Hackers Flood ISIS Twitter Accounts With Rainbows, LGBT Love And Gay Porn Following Orlando Attack

Twitter accounts of ISIS supporters were spotted blooming rainbow colors, as a group of hackers replaced the hatred-filled messages with LGBT and gay love messages of approval. The hackers belong to the Anonymous group and they are fabulous.

Internet June 17, 2016

Flesh-Eating Disease In ISIS-Controlled Syria Spreads Across The Middle East

The squalid conditions in ISIS-controlled Syria create ideal breeding grounds for a flesh-eating disease that is currently sweeping across the Middle East. The conditions in conflict zones and refugee camps can bring the disease all the way to Europe.

Public Health May 30, 2016

ISIS Launches A New App To Promote Child Learning, With A Jihadist Angle

Photos of the app show cartoon depictions of guns and tanks. Cannons, bullets and swords are also featured, which is downloadable on Android devices.

Apps/Software May 12, 2016

High School Yearbook Misidentifies Muslim Student As ‘Isis Phillips’

'Saddened, disgusted, hurt and embarrassed.' This was how Bayan Zehlif described how she felt after she was misidentified as 'Isis Phillips' while wearing a hijab in a yearbook photo.

Life & Style May 10, 2016

Ancient City Of Palmyra Retains Authenticity, Integrity Despite Destruction: UNESCO

The ancient Syrian city of Palmyra was visited by UNESCO as part of a technical rapid assessment mission to take preliminary stock of its destruction. The World Heritage site fell under a year-long invasion by Islamic State terrorists (ISIS).

Ancient April 30, 2016

US To Start 'Dropping Cyberbombs' On ISIS: Hacking Electronic Systems For Tactical Advantages

The United States will use 'cyberbombs' for the first time in history, and it will do it against the Islamic State. The Cyber Command is working on a campaign to disrupt the operations of ISIS on all levels.

Defense April 26, 2016

Twitter Trying To Keep ISIS Accounts Offline, But It's No Easy Task

Twitter deleted more than 125,000 ISIS-related accounts last year and its crackdown against similar terrorist organization continues. ISIS supporters, however, belittled Twitter’s attempt to shut them down and kept opening more accounts.

Internet April 15, 2016

Obama Rallies World Leaders To Unite And Confront ISIS

President Obama addresses the importance of world leaders coming together as a united front to eradicate terrorism. The president defends the aggressive stance taken by the U.S., stating the action has already started to shake the Islamic State foundation.

Society April 3, 2016

US Forces Kill ISIS No. 2 Haji Imam, Pentagon Confirms

The Pentagon has confirmed that the United States special operations forces have killed ISIS No. 2 in command Haji Imam. Other top leaders of the Islamic State have also been targeted in recently launched operations.

Society March 26, 2016

Islamic State Propaganda Video Threaten Mark Zuckerberg And Jack Dorsey For Anti-Terrorism Efforts On Social Media

A new Islamic State video rages over Facebook and Twitter's efforts to shut down accounts linked to terrorism and extremism. The video also hurls threats at the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter.

Internet February 26, 2016

Air Force Tanker Crew Saves The Life Of An F-16 Pilot Over ISIS Territory

An F-16 pilot was having a fuel system emergency while flying over ISIS territory. The pilot was supposed to eject from the plane and land on emeny-occupied land, but a U.S. Air Force tanker saved his life.

FUTURE TECH February 15, 2016

Twitter Closed 125,000 Accounts Suspected Of Terrorism Since Mid-2015: Here's How It Fights Extremism

Some criticized Twitter for not doing enough to fight extremism online, but the company does play its part. Detailing its anti-terrorism efforts, Twitter notes that it has suspended more than 125,000 accounts since mid-2015, and it's taking several other steps to combat violent extremism.

Internet February 6, 2016

Google To Counter Radicalization By Serving Anti-ISIS Ads As Results To Extremist Search Queries

Google has planned to launch pilot programs aimed at countering the online influence of extremist groups such as ISIS. Users who will be conducting online searches related to extremism will be shown anti-radicalization links instead.

Internet February 6, 2016

Sheryl Sandberg Sees Facebook Likes As Powerful Weapon Against ISIS, Other Extremists

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg said online users can fight ISIS through "likes" and messages of kindness. The executive shared her insights during a panel at the World Economic Forum.

Internet January 23, 2016

Woman Files Lawsuit Against Twitter For Aiding In Her Husband's Death By ISIS

A U.S. woman has filed a lawsuit against the social media company Twitter, claiming that the platform facilitated his death at the hands of jihadist terrorists in Jordan.

Legal January 14, 2016

ISIS Leader Calls On Muslims To Join Them But They'd Rather Watch 'Star Wars'

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi called on all Muslims to join their fight. However, instead of coming to his aid, Muslims took to Twitter to troll the terrorist group instead.

Society December 30, 2015

Hacktivist Group Anonymous Declares War Against Turkey, Takes Down 400,000 Sites

Renowned hacktivist collective Anonymous has declared war against Turkey over the government's purported support for ISIS. It reportedly took down about 400,000 websites.

Internet December 29, 2015

Isis Pharma Changes Name To Ionis Pharmaceuticals To Avoid Confusion With Terrorist Group

Isis Pharmaceuticals on Friday said it will change its name to Ionis Pharmaceuticals to avoid confusion with the terrorist group. For over two decades, the biotech company has been developing transformational drugs for cancer and heart disease treatments.

Life December 21, 2015

Hacking Group VandaSec Claims ISIS Twitter Accounts Traced To British Government Department

VandaSec, a hacking group, has traced three social media accounts belonging to terror outfit ISIS to Britain's Department of Work and Pensions. Even though the IP addresses belong to the DWP, they were sold off by the British government.

Internet December 17, 2015

Anonymous Declares Total War On Donald Trump, Takes Down Trump Tower Website

Hacktivist group Anonymous declared war against Donald Trump. This was after the Republican presidential candidate recently proposed to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

Internet December 13, 2015

Flesh Eating Disease Leishmaniasis Spreads In War-Torn Syria

Currently spreading in ISIS-controlled areas in Syria, leishmaniasis is primarily transferred by bugs feeding on rotting corpses on the streets. A recent WHO report on Syria said that aid agencies are scrambling to help over 13 million Syrians immediately.

Life December 13, 2015

ISIS Capable Of Printing Fake Syrian Passports: US Intel

A government spokesperson confirmed the contents of a new U.S. intelligence report warning that ISIS can create fake Syrian passports. The report focused on the potential threat of militants using fake documents to enter the United States.

Society December 12, 2015

Hacker Collective Anonymous Wants You To Troll ISIS On Dec. 11

Anonymous declares Dec. 11 as the official ISIS trolling day. The activist hacking group encourages supporters to participate by posting images that mock ISIS, including goat photos that are captioned with reference to the wives of the members of the militant group.

Internet December 8, 2015

Hacktivists Find Islamic State Mobile App Where Terrorists Spread Propaganda And Beheading Videos

The hacktivist Ghost Security Group has spotted an Islamic State Android app the terrorist group uses to spread propaganda. The content of the app comes from the organization's channel Amaq News Agency, broadcasting videos of beheadings and reports of terrorist attacks.

Apps/Software December 8, 2015

Hillary Clinton Wants Silicon Valley To Disrupt ISIS

The 2016 presidential hopeful is calling on American tech companies to block and shut down militant websites to stop terrorism from spreading.

Internet December 7, 2015

Hacking Group Anonymous Using Rick Astley Video To Rickroll ISIS (Video)

ISIS is now getting some payback for their heinous crimes from hacking group Anonymous. The hackers are hacking the terrorist group's social media and Internet posts and Rickrolling them.

Internet November 28, 2015

Hackers Swap ISIS Websites With Ads For Viagra And Prozac

Hackers have replaced an ISIS website with pharmacy advertisements for Viagra and Prozac. This is the latest development in the ongoing cyberwar between Anonymous and ISIS.

Internet November 27, 2015

Islamic State Operations Security Guide Favors Communications Through Apple iMessage, Not Facebook

The OPSEC or Operations Security handbook used by the Islamic State to train recruits favors the use of iMessage over Facebook as it is non-accessible by intelligence agencies, as well as Apple.

Society November 24, 2015

Anonymous’ Total War On ISIS More Harmful Than Helpful, Warns Experts

Anonymous has declared total war on ISIS, a few days after the Paris terrorist attacks. Experts, however, are apprehensive because they are convinced that the move could become more harmful than beneficial.

Internet November 24, 2015

Anonymous And Other Hacker Groups Wage Cyber War Against ISIS

'Hacktivist' groups join in the war against ISIS using different strategies. Find out what they have contributed in the fight in the week following the Nov. 13 Paris attacks.

Internet November 21, 2015

Rogue Hacking Group Has Taken Down Tens Of Thousands Of Twitter Accounts Supporting Islamic State

Tens of thousands of Twitter accounts that support the Islamic State go down as the rogue hacking organization called Ghost Security Group goes into action.

Society November 21, 2015

Islamic State Responds To Anonymous' Declaration Of War, Calls Secret Hacking Group ‘Idiots’

ISIS is preparing itself for war with Anonymous in the cyber realm. This comes after the hacker group threatened the terror group with war, to which the terrorists responded by calling Anonymous "idiots."

Internet November 21, 2015

New York City Residents Unfazed As ISIS Threatens Times Square Attack

ISIS released a propaganda video, threatening New York City residents of attacks in Times Square and Herald Square, to name a few. They, however, remain unfazed.

Society November 20, 2015

Encrypted Messaging App Telegram Shuts Down ISIS Channels, But Why Only Now?

Over 70 channels associated with the terrorist group ISIS were shut down by the encrypted messaging app Telegram. The secret-messaging app gained popularity among the members of the group as it touts highly encrypted communication.

Apps/Software November 20, 2015

UK To Form Elite Cybersecurity Forces To Thwart Possible Online Offensives Of ISIS And Hackers

The British government is beefing up digital security after learning that the ISIS is eyeing a series of cyberattacks on its infrastructure. The U.K. is creating an "elite cyber offensive forces" to fend off cyber threats.

Internet November 19, 2015

ISIS Video Threatens New York City But Authorities Remind: 'Be Aware, But Do Not Be Afraid'

In a new video released by ISIS, the Islamic State is threatening to attack New York City. Authorities have increased security not only in busy areas but also throughout the entire city.

Society November 19, 2015

Facebook Will Activate Safety Check More Widely After Receiving Backlash Following The Paris Attacks

Mark Zuckerberg reveals Facebook's Safety Check tool will now be used more widely after the social network received criticism for not activating the tool for other tragic incidents.

Internet November 16, 2015

Anonymous Declares Total War Against ISIS Following Paris Attack

Anonymous declares war against ISIS after attacks in Paris on Friday, Nov. 13. Anonymous had already started its work against ISIS following the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January this year.

Society November 16, 2015

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