Apple released a new Guided Tour video to let iPhone users know how simple, safe and quick Apple Pay is.

It is not the first time the Cupertino-based company shared Guided Tour videos, as it did so when it showcased the Apple Watch. It is the first time, however, that the company presented Apple Pay in a video.

In it, Apple underlines the easy way in which Apple Pay can help users shop, either in retailer locations that have the Apple-compatible checkout terminals installed, or in apps. The mobile payment service also works with apps that sell services instead of items.

iPhone's fingerprint recognition technology is one of the features that makes Apple Pay safe to use, the manufacturing company points out in the video. Apple mentions that its mobile payment service is highly secure due to the embedded encryption protocols.

No merchant gets access to the account information. Apple Pay protects user information with tokenization technology, which replaces the CVV, expiration date, personal data and credit card number with a device-specific token. This means that a dynamically-generated security code protects the confidentiality of the user's banking info at all times.

Before the video ends, Apple demonstrates how to quickly enable Apple Pay on iPhone handsets. The steps are simple: add the card, verify the card, shop with the card instantly.

It does look like the video targets iPhone owners that live in the United States. Mobile payment transactions via near-field communication technology are just starting to take off in the United States and iPhone users still need a bit of convincing.

Studies found that a significant number of Apple handset users shy away from paying via Apple Pay, mainly because they are concerned over the safety of the system. A slice of the iPhone user base admitted to not knowing how to use the service. The fact that this happens despite Apple Pay's high-end security protocols and basic use mechanism urged the OEM to come up with the Guided Tour video for the service.

Some months ago, Guided Tour videos from Apple instructed users about Apple Music and the Apple Watch. The video for the wearable showcased what the Apple Watch can do if used at its full potential.

Shown is Apple's new Guided Tour video for Apple Pay on iPhone.

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