Destiny beta opened just last week but it will be down for two days because of some maintenance work.

The action begins again on Wednesday, July 23, and this time Xbox and Xbox One owners will be able to join in on the fun. There were some server issues when Destiny beta opened access but generally the playing experience has been smooth over the weekend.

Destiny is scheduled to end beta access on Sunday, July 27. There are no announcements yet if another beta session will be in place until the game launches in September so it may be safe to assume that this is the only and last time that players can have a run with Destiny. Play the game on Saturday, June 26, starting at 2pm PDT and an exclusive emblem may be earned that can be used on Destiny's retail version.

When Destiny was first announced, it was said that the PlayStation 4 would be the lead development platform for the game. Beta access, however, was offered at the same time to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 users on July 17, 2014. Xbox and Xbox One players will have their shot at the game once maintenance work is done and beta access is resumed.

It's not the first game to be available on different platforms but Destiny is one of the few that was designed and developed from the ground up guided by that idea. It's not an easy feat to build a game to run on four systems given the great deal of complexity that would entail. "[But] our platform engineering team has done an awesome job of hiding all of that complexity from the end-user," said Roger Wolfson, Bungie engineer.

"Our goal for Destiny is that each time you play it, you're going to have a different experience. Not just because of the social interaction, and the fact that you can play with different people, but because your character is growing and will have different ways of playing the same content every time you go back and replay it," he adds.

Destiny is set 700 years into the future, a post-apocalyptic world thriving in a Golden Age until the Collapse happened. Because of the Collapse, mankind was brought to the brink of extinction, saved by "the Traveller" who bestowed the power of "the Light" to the "Guardians of the City," humanity's last defenders. Players will be playing as guardians, choosing from three races and classes. Races include Humans, Awoken and Exo; classes include Hunters, Warlocks and Titans.

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