Potentially Deadly 'Blue Dragon' Washes Up On Australian Shore: Other Cute Animals That Can Kill You


A rare sea slug called a 'Blue Dragon' (Glaucus atlanticus) washed up on the shores of Queensland in Australia. This magnificent beauty, mostly found in tropical waters, looks like a creature straight from the Pokémon game but don't let its good looks fool you.

The Blue Dragon packs a deadly venom for anyone who dares touch its body.

Blue Dragons float upside down on the surface of tropical waters and target blue bottle jellyfish. They ingest the poisonous cells of the jellyfish, which they then use on their own predators.

When fully grown, the shell-less Blue Dragon sea slug measures an inch long. It also has amazing camouflage abilities. Its beautiful blue underside enables it to blend with the water's surface as it floats upside down. Underwater, its other silvery side aids in its survival.

Much like its prey, the Blue Dragon can cause very painful stings to humans. Upon spotting a Blue Dragon on the shore, people are advised not to touch it, despite the mesmerizing allure. The Blue Dragon's beauty is best admired from a safe distance, just like these other 'cute' animals that pack a deadly punch.

Mice. Simply put, their poop can kill humans. Mice droppings contain hantavirus, which when inhaled by humans, can lead to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and eventually death.

Poison Dart Frogs. The name says it all. These bright yellow amphibians are covered with poison that can kill humans.

Puffer Fish. These underwater creatures may look adorable but their tiny spines are filled with tetrodotoxin. When injected into victims, the toxin can kill a shark. Humans simply don't stand a chance.

Chimpanzees. They sure appear friendly, especially when sporting funky human clothes, but these 'cute monkeys' can be vicious if someone gets under their skin. When provoked, chimpanzees can strike an offender with their small but powerful fists and arms.

Blue-Ringed Octopus. A fully-grown blue-ringed octopus measures only five to eight inches but has enough venom to kill a human being. With currently no antidote, a sting can lead to heart failure, respiratory arrest, blindness, paralysis and death.

Cats. They're cute and cuddly, but their poop can cause an infection called toxoplasmosis, especially among pregnant women. Left unchecked, the infection can lead to fetal death and abortion.

Bottlenose Dolphins. These highly intelligent and majestic creatures can give deadly sharks quite a scare. Bottlenose dolphins use their snouts to hit sharks in the belly or gills, drowning the sharks along the way. They can also kill other animals and harass humans.

Photo: Sylke Rohrlach | Flickr

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