While it will be a few months before Tesla is able to catch up on its Model X orders, customers are now at least able to head to the Tesla website to choose their options for the car.

According to Telsa, Model X customers can go through the configurator to able to choose between the 70D, 90D and P90D. These different cars offer things like different battery capacities and different performance levels. The Model X price starts at $80,000.

Previously, only buyers who put down deposits years ago were able to go through configuring their Model X from a limited selection of options. Although the general production for the car has not yet begun, it is expected to begin sometime in the first quarter of 2016.

Of course, before you head over to the Tesla website and begin to drool over what your future car will look like, it should be noted that the configurator is still open on an invitation-only basis. What's changed is that the company is now casting a wider net with its latest invitation round.

Hopefully, the company will soon open up the configurator to everyone, something that it has already done for the Model S. It's unclear why the configurator hasn't been opened to the public just yet, but it could be that the waiting list is long enough that by the time customer get the cars they configured, the options would have already changed.

Via: The Verge

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