Tesla just wants to make sure that it's better being safe than sorry.

On Friday, the Silicon Valley automaker announced a voluntary recall of all 90,000 of its Model S sedans to fix a potential defect found in the the vehicles' front seat belts. Owners can either set up an appointment online or simply drop in and visit a Tesla repair shop. The company will conduct fixes, if necessary.

According to Tesla, the company was first alerted to the potential hazard when a Model S owner in Europe reported the issue of the seat belt "that was not properly connected to the outboard lap pretensioner."

"This vehicle was not involved in a crash and there were no injuries," Tesla communicated with owners via email, as reported by USA Today. "However, in the event of a crash, a seat belt in this condition would not provide full protection."

Tesla added: "If you are concerned about the status of your seat belt prior to your scheduled inspection, you may be able to detect this condition by pulling very firmly on the lap portion of your seat belt with a force of at least 80 pounds. This procedure may detect an improperly attached seat belt but performing this procedure does not replace the need for an inspection by a Tesla technician."

USA Today is reporting that, since the complaint was made, Tesla hasn't found any seat belt issue in 3,000 of its Model S cars inspected by technicians thus far.

Technically, this marks the biggest recall in Tesla's short history, but the automaker seems to be taking all the right steps to make sure it's a minor bump in the road.

For what it's worth, the Model S was given a five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration alongside a stellar rating from Consumer Reports.

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