In the wake of threats of terrorism in the last several months, the State Department is alerting all Americans on the possible travel risks abroad.

Considering the threat posed by the Islamic State and other terrorist groups, the U.S. State Department has declared a worldwide travel alert, meant to caution Americans on the risk of traveling to other countries after the terrorist attacks in Paris last Nov. 13 that resulted in the deaths of at least 129 people.

"The State Department alerts U.S. citizens to possible risks of travel due to increased terrorist threats," the U.S. State Department cautions on its website, and added that authorities believe that the threat and even number of attacks will continue to rise as members of the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations return from Syria and Iraq.

The alert was posted on Monday, Nov. 23 and is said to remain until February 2016. The alert was also released in time for Thanksgiving when millions of citizens are preparing to travel to celebrate the holiday. Thanksgiving event organizers like those for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade have also tightened security to prevent potential disasters.

Travel alerts issued by the State Department are often focused only on specific countries for different reasons, such as terrorism and crime threats from Afghanistan and Honduras and the recent Ebola outbreaks in some parts of Africa. Last Monday's declaration was one the few times the United States announced that U.S. citizens should be extra cautious when traveling to any country for a possible attack.

The department also advised citizens to monitor local information and media announcements regarding the added security measures as well as to expect disruptions and extra screening procedures, as it has noted that the terrorist groups tend to focus on places teeming with people and activity, such as large sporting events, theaters and airports.

Citizens should be on especially high alert as the next several weeks are set to be teeming with holiday season events.

Nearing the end of the year, several attacks have already been carried out by terrorist groups on other countries aside from France, like Turkey, Denmark and Mali.

"U.S. citizens should exercise vigilance when in public places or using transportation," the State Department says in its issued warning.

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