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Researchers: Summer Is The Peak Season For Travel, But Not Travel App Downloads

Researchers determined that travel app downloads actually peak in November and continue on through January in the U.S.

Apps/Software May 13, 2016

Terror Threats Prompt State Department To Issue Rare Worldwide Travel Alert

Several terrorist attacks have already happened this year alone, prompting the U.S. State Department to raise a worldwide travel alert for Americans traveling abroad. It cautioned citizens to be on high alert at all times, especially this coming holiday season.

Society November 24, 2015

Holiday Travel: The Best and Worst Airports Ranked Across America

Over 3 million people will travel this Thanksgiving weekend by air, making it the busiest weekend at airports across America. Check out the list of the best and worst airports to mentally prepare for the crowds.

Internet Culture November 26, 2014

The CDC reports that drowsy driving can be a killer

The CDC just released a report on the dangers of drowsy driving. They say it can be as dangerous as drunk driving.

Life July 4, 2014

Gas prices likely to spike come the July 4 holiday weekend

Ahead of Independence Day weekend, gas prices on the first day of July 2014 were approximately 20 cents higher than a year earlier. Violence in Iraq has been cited as the cause.

Society July 1, 2014

Expect to spend more on gas for Fourth of July holiday travel

Heads up, Fourth of July travelers! Gas prices are on the rise and may reach up to a national average of $3.70 per gallon. Different states have different averages, but West Coast states will have the highest prices.

Business July 1, 2014

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