Rock Band 4 is getting a big update in early December, with new features, improvements and gear for your virtual rockers to equip all coming free of charge.

That's all coming on Dec. 8. Also arriving on the same day? Fallout 4 themed DLC, so you finally fulfill your dream of having a nuclear themed metal band.

For the low, low price of free, players will be able to download and equip their virtual rock band members with the iconic blue and yellow Vault Suit from the Fallout series, complete with a wrist-worn Pip-Boy. In a nice touch, Harmonix says the Pip-Boy will even react to the music you're band is playing.

It's an interesting mash-up to be sure, though a free Fallout themed song pack would certainly have been cooler. This isn't first time the nuclear wasteland of Fallout has found its way into other games either. Earlier this month Forza Motorsport 6 players could download a free Fallout 4 themed pick-up truck, with a special supercar from the Fallout universe being available exclusively to those Forza players who also bought a copy of Fallout 4 for Xbox One.

You can see the Vault Suits in action in the video below. If you're looking for more Fallout 4 news, be sure to check out our guide to building settlements as well as our list of the best quests to experience in Bethesda's massive open-world RPG.

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